National Safety Apparel has partnered with W.L. Gore & Associates to bring a comfort revolution to arc flash protection for utility workers. Comfort and freedom of movement are maximized with the ArcGuard Performance ergonomic design, complemented by the newest GORE PYRAD technology and comfort science. ArcGuard performance is 20% lighter, 48% thinner and 39% more flexible. You work hard enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about your PPE weighing you down.

HYDROlite FR™ 2.0 with GORE-TEX PYRAD®


Comfortable Arc Flash Resistant Apparel for Utility Workers 

When Gore introduced their next generation of arc-flash rated rainwear fabric, National Safety Apparel took note and have since been applying this technology to create a Comfort Revolution. Product lines featuring this flame resistant, waterproof, breathable outerwear includes:

  1. HYDROlite FR™ 2.0 with GORE-TEX PYRAD® provides utility lineman proven protection from the elements, arc flash exposure with the comfort and durability needed in utility workwear.
  2. TARGO with GORE-TEX PYRAD® - provides a superior combination of protection, comfort, and durability making it the ideal solution for oil & gas industrial applications.
  3. HYDROflash FR™ 2.0 with GORE-TEX PYRAD®


Arc Flash Protection and Warmth Without the Weight

Here are a couple products from the DRIFIRE® IA (Industrial Armour) line using Gore-Tex Pyrad® that were released in 2021. They exemplify the lightweight yet weather resistant arc flash protection innovation being forged by this partnership:


DRIFIRE IA FR Arc Flash Resistant Windbreaker

DRIFIRE IA FR Arc Flash Resistant Windbreaker


DRIFIRE IA FR Arc Flash Resistant Fleece Lined High Visibility Vest

DRIFIRE IA FR Arc Flash Resistant Fleece Lined High Visibility Vest (Type R Class 2)


arcguard arc flash safety apparel

ArcGuard® from National Safety Apparel

When it comes to working around energized equipment and potentially fatal hazards including arc flash, it’s important to have task based PPE you can trust from brands such as ArcGuard®. National Safety Apparel’s arc flash protective clothing and PPE line provides workers in electrical maintenance, manufacturing and utilities industry with arc flash kits, including suits, voltage rated gloves, head gear and more. With experts in design and manufacturing, National Safety Apparel can help customize arc flash PPE for your specific needs.


Gore Pyrad Arc Flash Protection

Gore® Pyrad® from W.L. Gore

These Gore fabrics improve thermal stability and thermal insulation by enabling garments to maintain mechanical integrity following exposure to heat and flame threats.
The self-extinguishing properties provide a new level of flame resistance for personal protective equipment demonstrating a low percentage of body burn.
After exposure, the fabric will sustain a stable char that will not flake, or disintegrate, with minimal shrinkage.
GORE® PYRAD® fabric technology is inherent to the fabric and is durable for the life of the product. It is not a flame retardant (FR) chemical treatment or coating, and does not wear off over time.


Arc Flash Gear


National Safety Apparel’s arc flash suits, arc flash blankets, rubber voltage gloves, and head protection including arc rated balaclavas, hoods, and faceshields. Find everything needed to be compliant with NFPA 70E for PPE Category Levels 2-4 as defined by NFPA 70E-2018.

Compliance with PPE CAT 1 requires arc rated clothing with a 4 cal/cm² rating. CAT 2 requires a minimum of 8 cal/cm², a minimum of 25 cal/cm² for CAT 3, and a 40 cal/cm² rating minimum for CAT 4 protection.

Arc flash PPE is arc rated personal protective equipment worn by workers performing maintenance on energized equipment as well as de-energizing equipment and is the last line of defense to protect workers from arc flash injuries. Arc flash PPE includes arc rated clothing from FR coveralls and coats to full suits and kits, rubber voltage gloves and faceshields that are compliant with the NFPA 70E standard.

National Safety Apparel is certified to ISO 9001 with design, allowing us to customize any of our arc flash clothing protective clothing options to meet specific hazards and comfort needs.


Experience the X1 Safety Difference

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