Best Healthcare PAPR

Durable, comfortable and reliable powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs) are an important component of healthcare PPE especially during pandemics and infectious disease outbreaks.

For doctors, nurses and other professionals working in high-risk healthcare settings like hospitals and long-term care facilities, the need for adequate respiratory protection against COVID-19 will likely continue throughout 2022 and into 2023. Along with improved ventilation, better respiratory protection when working among elderly and immunocompromised patients is a critical COVID-19 mitigation strategy. Personal protective equipment (PPE) including NIOSH certified PAPRs made specifically for healthcare workers can help protect staff as well as the vulnerable populations they serve.

The IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America) guideline panel recommends that healthcare personnel involved with aerosol-generating procedures on suspected or known COVID-19 patients use an N95 or N99 or PAPR respirator instead of a medical/surgical mask, as part of appropriate PPE. The benefits to using loose-fitting PAPRs instead of disposable respirators are numerous. Compared to N95 or N99 respirator masks, loose-fitting PAPRs are more comfortable especially for long-term use. PAPRs were designed for all-day wear, unlike N95 face masks. Loose-fitting headgear on PAPRs also do not require a fit test so they can be worn by workers with facial hair. PAPRs with loose-fitting hoods also provide superior respiratory protection as well as eye and face protection. PAPRs eliminate the need for emergency procurement of disposable respiratory and eye protective equipment. They are also more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than disposable PPE.

Selecting a PAPR for COVID mitigation and other uses can be difficult as many PAPRs were created specifically for industrial use rather than healthcare environments. The best PAPRs for healthcare work environments should have high filtration efficiency and customizable sizing options. Healthcare PAPRs should be designed with user comfort and function in mind. When selecting the best PAPR respirator for healthcare workers, audibility, ease of communication, mobility & dexterity must also be considered.


The Best PAPR for Healthcare was Designed Specifically for Medical Professionals

Unlike most other PAPR hoods on the market today, the RPB PX5 with T200 Respirator Hood was designed specifically for healthcare settings. The RPB T200 is a lightweight multipurpose respirator that was designed to relieve healthcare and life science industry workers of breathing difficulties and fatigue experienced with N95 use. This respirator does not require face fit testing or medical evaluations.

RPB Safety respirators are Made in Michigan from local and globally sourced components in a secure and uninterruptible supply chain. Established in the 1970's, RPB's Special Operations Unit has been developing advanced respiratory protection for more than 40 years. An R&D group comprised of PPE innovators, users & advocates, RPB Safety designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced respirators.

The RPB PX5 with T200 respirator hood is used in a variety of health care environments including hospitals and nursing homes. This all-in-one PAPR integrates head, face, eye, and (optional) hearing protection for:

  1. Doctors and nurses
  2. Home health care providers
  3. Dentists
  4. EMTs and first responders


The Best PAPR for Healthcare Provides High Filtration Efficiency without Sacrificing Comfort

The T200 has been approved by NIOSH for use with the RPB PX5® PAPR, a lightweight, ergonomically designed battery powered unit which supplies HEPA filtered air without restriction of attached lines.

The high efficiency filter removes 99.97% of particulates down to 0.12 microns, resulting in an OSHA Assigned Protection Factor (APF) that is 100 times the highest N95 APF.

The PX5 PAPR provides a cool flow of respirable air up to 8.4 cfm to enable easier breathing, even with asthma.

Designed to be worn on the hip, the PX5 PAPR is lightweight (2.55 lbs) and decontaminable, powered by a long-life lithium-ion battery that is sealed inside the unit to prevent accidental shutdown. The compact design features superior ingress protection, filter safety mechanisms to eliminate the risk of user operation errors, an intuitive mount lock system and LED user interface.

Three fan speeds are available. Battery life will last an entire shift (8+ hours on fan speed 3 or 12+ hours on fan speed 1). Replacement batteries and other accessories are available.


Best Healthcare PAPR Hood Features



The Best PAPR System for Healthcare is Adjustable and Customizable

Available with either a head harness or bump cap for head protection and multiple hood options, the PX5/T200 PAPR hood is adaptable to different healthcare environments that need reliable face protection and respiratory protection.

The hood material is Tychem® QC (2000) and there are several variations of this respirator hood available:

  1. The Face Seal Hood option allows the wearer to easily use a stethoscope with open access to the ears.
  2. The Face Seal Hood with Shoulder Length or Full Shroud provides additional coverage down to the shoulders while also allowing stethoscope use without breaking the face seal.

Either hood is adjustable for optimal fit. Turn the ratcheting knob for a secure fit that ensures the hood moves with your head.

The PX5/T200 gives hospital and health care facilities the ability to adapt the base product to suit multiple applications without having large inventories of replacement parts. Customizable kits featuring the PX5 PAPR with T200 respirator hood can be found here.


The Best PAPR for Healthcare is Designed for Optimal Mobility & Ease of Communication

The PX5 with T200 respirator hood was designed to keep workers safe without sacrificing productivity.

The lightweight T200 face seal hood allows for full range of motion and includes a padded head harness which provides comfort and balanced weight distribution to ensure the hood will never blow up or off the wearer's head. Some options include an inner bib with drawstring tuck-in collar directs surplus air inside of clothing to keep you cool.

Communication issues that could occur when wearing a PAPR aren’t a concern with the PX5 PAPR with T200 face seal hood:

  1. Because this innovative design does not cover the ears, doctors, nurses and other health care workers can communicate easily with patients and colleagues. The PX5 PAPR also runs quiet - as low as 57 dBA. For hearing protection, the optional Quiet-Slim™ Ear Defender earmuff system can be used.
  2. Designed with a large visor to facilitate exceptional communication between patient and provider, this healthcare PAPR also won’t obstruct a doctor or nurse’s line of sight. The large viewing window provides exceptional downward and peripheral vision. Peel off disposable lenses are also available to ensure uninterrupted clear vision without wipe downs.
  3. The large visor also provides the patient with a complete view of the provider's face. This affords an additional level of comfort and non-verbal communication with patients that cannot be achieved with tight fitting face respirators.


Best Healthcare PAPR Features


The Best PAPR for Healthcare is Made in the USA by Industry Leading Respiratory Specialists

The COVID-19 pandemic taught hospital and healthcare procurement managers about international supply chain challenges and the dangers of just-in-time manufacturing. The PX5 PAPR with T200 respirator hood is made in the USA by RPB Safety to ensure exceptional quality control and timeliness of delivery, supply chain integrity of replacement components, et cetera. Healthcare respiratory protection by RPB Safety is widely used in the healthcare and life sciences industries and trusted by organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, Trinity Health, Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, Aspirus Health, ProHealth Care, Oklahoma Heart Hospital, King’s Daughters, HCA Healthcare, Freeman Health System, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Buy or Rent the Best Healthcare PAPRs for Every Use & Budget

When purchasing the T200 respirator hood, many different customization options are available including airflow device alternatives such as the HX5 Single Speed PAPR on belt (or backpack). A PAPR and supplied air rental program is also available.

For additional PAPR designs, including the 3M Versaflo Hood or Versaflo Helmet and Pureflo Self-Contained PAPRs, browse our Loose Fit Respiratory Protection collection.

Contact X1 Safety for assistance with selecting the best healthcare PAPR for your organization's needs.