Aluminized and Non Aluminized Molten Metal Splash Protection for Foundries and Steel Mills - Carbon Armor

Carbon Armour Primary Protection for High Heat Environments

Aluminized Protection for Ferrous Metals, Non-Aluminized Protection for Non-Ferrous Metals


Multiple patented innovations result in incredibly lightweight and flexible primary protection.


Proprietary Rip Stop crosshatch woven OPF blends are ultra-durable and will not tear.


Underarm gussets and articulated elbows provide freedom of movement with extra material that will not wear out.


Ventilated action back features elasticity that ensures the garment moves with you.


Innovative snap front closure with pull tabs.


Independently tested to meet ASTM F955 molten metal, ASTM F1939 radiant heat, and OSHA 19110.269 arc flash protection standards.


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Carbon Armour and RPB Radiant Heat Protection



Molten Metal Protection

National Safety Apparel - From casting and processing to fabrication and finishing, molten metal splash and sparks are among the top molten metal hazards for workers in mills, foundries, and welding shops. Selecting the right molten metal protection can make the difference between an accident becoming severe or fatal.


Molten Metal Splash

When water, moisture, or any sort of liquid comes into contact with molten metal, it turns into steam and can create an explosion. This type of hazard exposes workers and anyone within the area to high-temperature liquids and materials that can cause severe or fatal burns. A dangerous splash or explosion is not just limited to molten metal, if a hot furnace is exposed to containers of water for example the resulting explosion can be just as hazardous. Molten metal splash is a hazard that could cause severe injuries and fatalities because any part of a metalworker's body can be exposed to this hazard from head to toe. Splash and sparks can stick to and burn through clothing so it is important that workers in these environments have the appropriate molten metal PPE.

Beyond molten metal splash, simply working within the vicinity of molten metals, furnaces, and hot equipment can instigate heat stress. It is a smart decision to choose molten metal protection that also has moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool and dry.


Both CARBON ARMOUR and CARBON ARMOUR Silvers protect against molten metal splash and burn hazards that metal workers may face daily. Silvers offer advanced radiant heat protection, but CARBON ARMOUR molten metal protection can be worn all day in control rooms and anywhere in mills thanks to vented designs and breathable fabrics. While Silvers offer additional protection reflecting heat away from the wearer, non-aluminized options are breathable and offer moisture-wicking, quick-drying comfort for flame-resistant protection throughout the workday. Just like Silvers, non-aluminized options such as hoods, jackets, and sleeves, still provide molten metal splash protection and comfort.


Radiant Heat

Metal finishing processes do more than just create molten metal splash and spark hazards. These processes give off radiant heat that can contribute to discomfort and eventually lead to heat stress. Radiant heat resistance is provided in certain types of thermal PPE options, which CARBON ARMOUR Silvers provide. It is important for thermal protective clothing to provide spark and molten spatter resistance as well as radiant heat protection while providing all-day comfort no matter the task or job-site location from the processing plant to the shop.

Aluminized PPE

Molten metal splash and the heat it produces can cause severe burn injuries to any part of your body. Molten metalworkers should always wear aluminized apparel to protect from radiant heat as well as molten splash and other thermal hazards.

Aluminized PPE includes high heat hoods, jackets, aprons, pants, leggings, gloves, and more. Aluminized PPE for metal industry workers who face molten metal splash hazards protects in a way specific to this job task. Molten metal splash, particles, or sparks do not stick to the surface of aluminized PPE, and being flame resistant, the PPE will not ignite or continue to burn when the heat source is removed.

Aluminized PPE also reflects heat away from the person wearing the protective apparel, which helps to reduce heat stress during tasks vulnerable to these hazards. Each item of aluminized apparel must be evaluated through ASTM F955 for molten metal splash as well as ASTM F 1939 for radiant heat. CARBON ARMOUR Silvers provides increased protection from radiant heat, sparks, and molten metal splash hazards.


Heat Stress

Another Hazard inherent to this working environment includes heat stress. Heat stress, in which the body is under stress from overheating can include ailments from headache and dizziness to nausea, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. Symptoms of heat stress can negatively impact job performance and lead to low productivity and careless and costly mistakes. Wearing the proper thermal PPE from the start is an effortless way to prevent heat stress from affecting metalworkers and prevents further hazards from becoming issues as well.

Flame Resistant Base Layers

Moisture buildup and non-breathable next-to-skin garments are two big contributors that can cause heat stress. Selecting high-quality flame-resistant base layers with moisture-wicking technology can help prevent this. Metalworkers are required to have flame-resistant protection for every layer of clothing worn. Moisture-wicking, breathable flame resistant base layers are an appropriate choice to help reduce heat stress and its potential impact on performance and additional hazards.

CARBON ARMOUR Base Layers are flame-resistant, breathable, lightweight, and offer fast-drying, moisture-wicking comfort to stay cool all day. When flame-resistant protection is needed in a mill or foundry, base layers must also be flame resistant for complete protection. Moreover, because temperatures in those areas are hot, you need safety apparel that keeps you cool and does not add to potential heat stress issues. CARBON ARMOUR base layers help with prevention against both hazards. CARBON ARMOUR systems allow you to layer for complete thermal body protection whether you’re in a mill or foundry.

For molten metal splash and flame resistant protection:

1. Use base layers for moisture-wicking, heat stress resistance as well as additional flame-resistant protection.


2. Use Silvers and aluminized PPE for radiant heat protection over top of CARBON ARMOUR jackets

Selecting the proper base layers worn under thermal PPE in steel mills can help reduce the hazard of heat stress while working on already dangerous tasks. National Safety Apparel’s CARBON ARMOUR Base Layers allow you to have a layer beneath your needed thermal PPE that provides comfort and protection all day long.


National Safety Apparel

Thermal protection is National Safety Apparel’s original line of protective workwear going back to the company’s premier products in 1935. As the company has evolved, so has our line of molten metal protective clothing. Our thermal protective gear for metalworkers goes beyond protection against molten metal splash and spark. Flame resistant protection as well as radiant and contact heat are part of our thermal protection products. These products also include solutions for hazards like heat stress and low-visibility issues in foundries and shops.

From casting and processing to fabrication and finishing, molten metal splash and sparks are among the top molten metal hazards for workers in mills, foundries, and welding shops. Selecting the right molten metal protection can make the difference between an accident becoming severe or fatal.


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