Ready or not, winter is here. With “wave after wave” of incoming snow in the forecast, now is a good time to consider the availability of cold weather accessories for construction workers.

Cold Weather Accessories for Construction Workers

Cold Weather Health Hazards

Snow and freezing temperatures can be harmful to construction workers who are exposed to them. According to Healthline, the top cold weather dangers to the human body include:

  1. Frostbite, most often affecting ears, nose, cheeks, chin, fingers, and toes. Frostbitten skin can blister or feel hard or waxy. It’s color may look white or gray and in extreme circumstances, black.
  2. Hypothermia, which can cause death when it is not treated quickly. Symptoms include shivering, clumsiness, confusion, tiredness, and increased urination.
  3. Heart problems – because your heart works harder to keep us warm, cold weather can increase the risk of heart attack – especially for those with an existing heart condition.

Hazwoper OSHA adds cold stress and a loss of dexterity and alertness to the list of cold weather hazards.


Other Cold Weather Hazards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Winter Weather Hazards page identifies many of the hazardous conditions construction workers may face in cold weather and the precautions that can be taken to minimize these risks. These include guidance on:

  1. Winter driving, driving in work zones, or being stranded in a vehicle.
  2. Shoveling snow, snow blowing, or clearing snow from roofs.
  3. Preventing slips and falls while working on ice.
  4. Working on or around downed or damaged power lines.


Cold Weather Accessories for Construction Workers

The best way to protect construction workers from cold weather is to avoid unnecessary exposure. Always be prepared to make smart decisions about whether or not construction workers really need to be exposed to the dangers of cold weather with the Daily Briefing or Weather Radio from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Weather Service. If it is absolutely essential to get to work, consider protecting workers with appropriate winter and freezer wear safety gear, including:

Coats, jackets, bombers, vests, liners, hoodies, pullovers, parkas, and other cold weather accessories for construction workers are an absolute essential front-line defense against dangerous winter weather. A best selling option is the High Visibility 8-in-1 Waterproof All-Season Bomber Jacket and Liner System from Majestic Glove.

Here’s a look at 4 of our top bestselling Cold Weather Outerwear for construction workers:

Hats, caps, hoods, gaiters, balaclavas, helmet liners, beanies, and other cold weather headwear accessories for construction workers are an absolute essential source of protection and comfort for workers facing cold weather.

Here’s a look at 4 of our top bestselling Cold Weather Headwear for construction workers:

Lightweight moisture wicking base layers like short and long sleeve t-shirts, mock turtlenecks, thermal long john pants, and other cold weather base layers for construction workers can add an essential layer of fabric that keeps workers warm.

Here’s a look at 4 of our top bestselling Cold Weather Base Layers for construction workers:

Winter or freezer lined work gloves are one of the most obvious and necessary tools to protect construction workers exposed to cold winter weather. For help in deciding what kind of work gloves are best for your application, read our guide to the 8 Best Cold Weather Work Glove Linings for Winter or Freezer Workers.

Here’s a look at 4 of our top bestselling Cold Weather Work Gloves for construction workers:

If your crews are working on icy surfaces, consider these TREX 6300 Slip-On Ice Cleats:

Cold Weather Gear for Construction Workers from X1 Safety

Contact X1 Safety for assistance with identifying the best Cold Weather Accessories for your Construction Workers.


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