More than a third of all U.S. occupational deaths from heat exposure between 1992 and 2016 occurred on construction job sites.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Labor announced a National Emphasis Program focused on protecting workers from heat illness and injuries.

Cooling Accessories for Construction Workers

Cooling Accessories for Construction Workers

Cooling accessories for construction workers, such as vests, sleeves, hard hat neck shades and other accessories have become a crucial PPE consideration. Effective cooling accessories for construction workers help regulate core body temperature and reduce heat stress - without reducing productivity or impeding safety.

Bestselling cooling accessories for construction workers include:

  1. evaporative cooling vests
  2. cooling sleeves
  3. cooling hats or caps
  4. PVA cooling towels
  5. cooling face coverings, bandanas, and neck gaiters
  6. cooling helmet liners and hard hat sweatbands
  7. hard hat/helmet cooling pads
  8. hard hat/helmet neck shades

Many cooling accessories, like hard hat neck shades and cooling vests, are available in hivis yellow, orange and other high visibility colors for added protection.


Some of the best cooling gear for construction workers includes:

1.) Evaporative PVA Cooling Vests (Type R, Class 2 High Visibility Available)

Evaporative cooling vests use highly absorbent fabrics or cooling crystals to slowly release cool water that lowers your body temperature as it evaporates. To activate, submerge in cool water for several minutes, blot dry, and then wear on the outside of your clothing. Evaporative cooling vests are lightweight and the most affordable type of cooling vest available.

Like many other cooling accessories for construction workers and others who work outside in extreme heat and humidity, evaporative cooling vests are often made from a special absorbent fabric called PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol), designed to soak up cold water and provide a cooling effect throughout the day.


2.) Cooling Sleeves

Cooling sleeves block the sun from skin and are lightweight and easy to wear. The fabric is designed to provide UV protection as well as absorb and wick away moisture from sweat.


3.) Hard Hat Cooling Pads and Sweatbands

Keeping your head cool under a hard hat is critical if you want to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Cooling headwear such as cooling hard hat/helmet liners, skull caps, and hard hat cooling pads are crucial cooling PPE for construction sites. Some construction workers prefer to wear a simple cooling bandana under their hard hat. Others prefer a hard hat cooling pad made from highly absorbent cooling crystals or PVA fabric, designed to fit easily inside helmets, hard hats, and other types of headgear.


4.) Sweat Wicking and Evaporative Cooling Towels and Neck Wraps

PVA is a sponge-like fabric that holds lots of water without feeling heavy. Evaporative cooling towels and neck wraps made of PVA are extremely absorbent and remain cool for several hours after being activated by a quick soak in cold water.


5.) Evaporative Cooling Neck Shades and Shade Hats

Neck shades easily attach to hard hats and help provide protection from the sun and heat. Evaporative PVA cooling technology provides hours of cooling relief and protection against UV rays. Hard hat neck shades also help protect the back of the neck from sunburn caused by working in direct sunlight. Most cooling neck shades are available in high visibility yellow for added safety.


Avoid Heat Stress & Exhaustion with Cooling Construction Gear

For workers needing FR and arc flash protection, a neck gaiter for hot weather by National Safety Apparel is a bestselling cooling accessory for summer.

High visibility moisture-wicking shirts are also useful base layers for staying cool while working in heat. In addition, spot coolers and pop-up work tents may be used to provide cooling air and portable shade in extreme weather conditions.

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