Santaquin Ambulance in Santaquin, Utah was thrilled to receive their RPB PX5 PAPR with T200 Face Seal Hoods and commissioned this recruitment video showing two of their responders on a staged call utilizing their new respirators. The call may have been staged, but the respiratory protection provided was very real. 


Donning the T200 and Communicating with Patients

One of the more important aspects of the T200 as it applies to first responders is the ease of use. This clip starts at the point where our medics put their T200 on and enter the patient's home to administer care. It continues for 30 seconds to show another important aspect - the ability to clearly communicate with a patient ensuring they are comfortable and at ease with the responder.

Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) for EMS

Every call has one thing in common - you do not know what you are getting into. You will not have time to worry about what is in the air at the patient's location or how long you will be by their side wearing an uncomfortable tight fitting N95 mask. That is where our PAPRs come in with superior protection and comfort while reducing operating costs.

Superior Filtration - HEPA filtration removes up to 99.97% of particulates down to 0.12 microns.

Assured Protection - NIOSH approved OSHA APF 1000 protection without fit testing or a clean shave.

Better Communication and Comfort - Empathic patient care with a full view of the responder's face and open ears for clear communication and easy stethoscope use. Cool flow of respirable air prevents fogging and provides easy breathing, even with COPD or asthma.

Cost Saving Solution - Invest stimulus funds into non-disposable respiratory PPE that will save more than $2,500 per year per responder currently using 4 or 5 N95 masks per day.


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The PX5 PAPR® is the culmination of more than 40 years of developing innovative industrial respiratory protection solutions. Meticulously designed for long days in grueling conditions, these lightweight respirators are unmatched in comfort and include a long-life battery that lasts 8-12+ hours per charge.


X1 Safety and RPB - Made in Detroit

In Stock, Ships Within 24 Hours - RPB has added staffing, increased production capacity, and is working closely with domestic suppliers and regulators to keep up with unprecedented demand for respiratory PPE in 2021.

A Phone Call Away - X1 Safety's focus on brands like RPB, National Safety Apparel, Moldex, and others creates an opportunity for us to help overcome product recalls and lengthy lead times caused by instability in international supply chains. Our dedicated account managers pride themselves on answering calls or returning them within an hour.

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