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Leverage for Streamlined Safety Procurement

More than just a website, we are building into a go to resource that will help you manage your PPE and other safety equipment procurement processes. We want to make it easier for you to find what you need, get it into the hands of those who need it, and help you discover new products that make it easier to ensure compliance at all times.


Personalized Logins

Create an account with us or use your Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Amazon account to login to a personalized experience at

  1. Rewards program allows you to earn up to 1% store credit back on all orders.
  2. Buy More, Save More product collections offer additional savings.
  3. View your order history for easy 1-click reorders.
  4. See previously viewed items or maintain a wish list of items for further consideration.
  5. Easily manage multiple delivery addresses for faster checkout.

Empower your teams to manage their own re-supply from a limited selection of pre-approved items available at a web address unique to your business.

  1. Custom url for company wide ordering e.g.
  2. Custom url for teams e.g.
  3. Setup personalized logins shared by specific teams.


Subscriptions Services

Set it and forget it with custom subscriptions for automatic replenishment of consumables.

  1. Create custom subscriptions with just the products you need and set them to be fulfilled at varying frequencies from weekly to annually.
  2. Orders are automatically charged to your card, processed, and delivered. Cancel at any time.


Hands-On Service

Our web site is backed by an attentive staff who stands ready to ensure seamless online, email or phone ordering. Give us a call to discuss how we can better tailor to meet your needs, any products or their features, express deliveries, an on-site safety consultation, or any other opportunities for us to help you simplify your safety needs.

Call (833) 408-0500 or reach out directly to your Account Manager.

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