Spring weather can be unpredictable; one minute it's cold and cloudy, the next it's hot and sunny. You can’t control the weather, but you can choose how hot or cold you want your supplied air to be.

For a limited time, RPB® is putting the power to control your temperature in your hands by including a FREE C40 Climate Control Device with every Nova 3® heavy industry respirator purchased between now until the end of April. 

The C40 can cool incoming air by up to 52°F and heat it by up to 33°F, effortlessly switching between heating and cooling based on your personal preferences. This makes it easy to keep warm with the heating on chilly mornings, then slide the lever to cool your air down when the afternoon heats up.

The small, lightweight device pairs perfectly with the superior respiratory protection offered by the Nova 3, keeping you safe and comfortable through those long shifts.

Enjoy the ultimate in safety and comfort with the Nova 3 and C40.

Nova 3 Details

The RPB® Nova 3® respirator has been heralded as the industry's definitive benchmark in abrasive blasting. With breakthrough protection technology and previously unseen advanced comfort and functionality features, the Nova 3® is designed to advance safety and productivity. Operators claim the Nova 3® is the lightest and most comfortable heavy industry respirator they’ve ever used. It’s unique weight distribution design distributes the helmet’s weight evenly across the head and shoulders for optimum comfort and movability.

A ratchet adjustable neck pad ensures appropriate head support. The molded inner ‘Clever Fit Padding’ design (patent pending) helps absorb sound, protect hearing and is fully adjustable. It allows for unique customization to correctly fit all users and is easily removable and washable.

C40 Details

The RPB® C40 can cool incoming air by up to 52 degrees Fahrenheit (29°C) or heat it by up to 33 (18°C). This is achieved by simply switching the mixing lever from hot to cold! The device is lightweight and ergonomically designed to sit comfortably on the operator's hip. The RPB® C40 pairs with most of our respirator range.

  1. Increase or decrease the airflow by turning the flow control dial
  2. Easily adjust the temperature using this lever
  3. Air inlet swivels 360° to ensure the device sits comfortably on the operator's hip
  4. Manufactured using robust materials, designed and tested for the harshest conditions
  5. Lightweight - weighing only 9.8oz (277 grams) excluding belt
  6. Durable belt for maximum comfort
  7. Low maintenance required. The air silencers are the only parts that need cleaning or replacing
  8. Choose from a range of inlet couplings to suit your application
  9. Exhausted air is directed away from the operator's body, eliminating the need for a heat shield or heat resistant clothing