Newingham Dental Center in Birmingham, Michigan uses Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) with hood and helmet during their first post-COVID extraction procedure.


PAPR Protection for Dentists
and Other Health Care Professionals

‣ OSHA APF 1000 vs. Maximum APF of 10 for All N95s

‣ Universal Loose Fit Assures Comfort, Protection, & Compliance

‣ Cool Flow of Respirable Air - Easier to Breathe, Even with COPD/Asthma

Face Hood with Face Seal Respirator with PAPR

Face Seal Hood with PAPR

Best Communication/Hearing

Stethoscope Friendly

Lightest Weight (0.75 lb)

Fits the Most Loupes

Replaceable Hood

Starting at $1,176

Shoulder Hood with Neck Seal Respirator with PAPR

Neck Seal Hood with PAPR

Maximum Respiratory Protection

Lightweight (1.75 lb)

Fits Most Loupes

Replaceable Hood

Starting at $1,400

Helmet with Neck Seal Respirator with PAPR

Neck Seal Helmet with PAPR

Maximum Respiratory Protection

Flip Up Visor

Lightweight (2 lb)

Fits Many Loupes

Starting at $1,553


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Regulations Require Respiratory Protection

Groups like the California Dental Association (CDA) are providing guidance that compliance with regulations during the pandemic means "dental personnel should wear N95 respirators when performing aerosol-generating procedures on all patients who are “well,” that is do not have confirmed or suspected COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the new coronavirus."


PAPR is Recommended by CDC Over N95 Protection

In a recent article, we shared guidance from the CDC indicating that the use of Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) is far more effective and preferable over the use of N95 respiratory protection.


Avoid Cumbersome Fit Testing Procedures and Breathe Easy in the One-Size-Fits-All Protection of Loose Fit Respirators

OSHA is Cracking Down on Dental Practices for Proper Fit Testing Procedures

Furthermore, the CDA states: "Dentist employers should understand that although the required annual fit testing requirement has been temporarily suspended, they are still required to provide the initial fit test for each employee who is required to wear a respirator. Fit testing is a two-step process that is usually performed by two different entities: First is the medical evaluation, which is followed by the actual fit test."


Made in America, Easily Maintained, All Parts Replaceable

In summary:

  1. Respiratory protection will be mandatory in most areas.
  2. PAPR technology provides the best available protection.
  3. Easy-to-use kits require no fit testing or fiddling.
  4. CDC's NIOSH Certified protection.
  5. Accommodates loupes.
  6. Does not impede communication.
  7. Lightweight and adjustable fit for all day comfort.

CLEARLY demonstrate to your staff and patients that your practice takes everyone's safety seriously with comprehensive respiratory protection that allows personal interactions as if it wasn't there at all.



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