The RapidStop® Tourniquet, winner of the most promising non-weapon tech award at the 2014 MIT Soldier Design Competition, relies on key technologies to provide intuitive and easy one-handed self-application that requires only gross motor control to achieve full occlusion in just 11 seconds. Even faster when a first responder uses both hands, the RapidStop Tourniquet achieves full occlusion reliably and rapidly to control hemorrhage for injuries to arms and legs between 7 and 33 inches in circumference.

Combining both speed and efficacy, the RapidStop Tourniquet is intuitive, strong, and lifesaving - designed to work, fast. We are excited to announce that this award-winning public safety product Made in America is now a part of X1 Safety's collection of First Aid/First Response and Medical products.

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Easier to Use

This innovative self-applicable tourniquet is considerably easier to use than other emergency tourniquets. No assistance is needed and the intuitive two-step process - (1) Clasp & Cinch (2) Ratchet - for self-application is clearly marked on the tourniquet using stitched waterproof vinyl tags resistant to any wear and tear. To use, simply pull the D-Ring firmly until snug and then lift the ratchet lever repeatedly until bleeding stops. Finally, wrap and tuck the excess strap.


Superior Technology

Unlike the North American Rescue Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT), the RapidStop Tourniquet does not rely on an unwieldy plastic windlass and closed-loop system. The quick lock clasp enables you to quickly secure the tourniquet above the wound without dexterous routing through buckles or over injured or trapped limbs – even with gloves on. One of the drawbacks to the CAT tourniquet is that it utilizes Velcro which has the potential to slip in a wet environment. The RapidStop Tourniquet does not use a hook and loop Velcro closure which can be compromised by dirt and grit. Instead, it utilizes a strong mechanical clasp, which is also considerably more durable than the CAT tourniquet’s plastic windlass, which can be broken given enough force or even UV exposure.


Fastest to Occlusion

The RapidStop Tourniquet vastly improves time to occlusion - requiring only gross motor skills for reliable and rapid full arterial occlusion in just 11 seconds. According to RapidStop, the New York state-based company that manufactures this lifesaving tourniquet: “An individual who has sustained an injury to the arm or a leg and fully severed either the brachial, radial or ulnar artery has a window where stabilizing the limb is essential to avoid the patient falling unconscious due to decreasing blood pressure. Achieving full occlusion in the shortest time possible is critical. Faster application means the injured are stabilized sooner and/or more victims can be saved.”

Designed to work fast, RapidStop Tourniquet’s one-handed application is a cinch when compared to leading commercial tourniquets such as CAT, SOF Tactical Tourniquet (SOFTT), and Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT). The large and rugged 2 inch D-Ring is easily grasped, enabling an instantaneous one-hand cinch without also requiring a stabilizing hand, supplying a 2:1 mechanical advantage prior to ratcheting. The D-Ring will not slip and does not require using your teeth to stop it from spinning around your arm. The robust mechanical ratchet offers a mechanical advantage of 8:1 that makes it easier and quicker to achieve high compression forces than with tourniquets relying on older technologies. Each click of the ratchet produces more force than the turn of a windlass.



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Additional Features

  • Secure Hold, Quick Removal: The RapidStop Tourniquet utilizes a dual latch release system which provides a secure hold that allows for quick removal.
  • Record Tourniquet Application Time: A time record label is located behind the D-Ring strap below the quick clasp to help the injured person and attending medical personnel keep track of the date/time the tourniquet was applied.
  • Universal Fit: The universal mil-spec strap fits the vast majority of adult limb sizes from 7 – 33 inches, ensuring a perfect fit on limbs from the 1st percentile of female upper arm sizes to the 99th percentile of male upper thigh sizes. Its 600N tensile strength is 3 times stronger than the 200N needed to fully occlude blood flow.
  • Made in America: The RapidStop Tourniquet is manufactured in the United States. Made in New York state, entirely of components made in the USA.



The RapidStop Tourniquet is suitable for use by:


Police, firefighters, paramedics and EMTs are often first on the scene in civilian medical emergencies. RapidStop® Tourniquet can be easily carried and deployed by these public safety service personnel and medical care providers to save lives.


Appropriate for use as a life-saving device in high-stress trauma situations such as military tactical combat and casualty evacuation where application time is critical. Only gross motor skills are required to operate the RapidStop® Tourniquet. Fast and effective prehospital field tourniquet; solid alternative to the CAT tourniquet.


In places where people work daily with dangerous equipment - such as a construction site, oil rig, lumber yard, manufacturing plant, mining operation, machine shop or distribution warehouse - RapidStop® Tourniquet should be at hand to mitigate the risk of death through serious limb injury.


Whether hunting, camping, rock climbing, mountain climbing, snowboarding, skiing or mountain biking for leisure, the risks of extreme trauma due to accidents are real. RapidStop® Tourniquet should be an essential piece of kit for any outdoor adventurer. Anyone who anticipates spending considerable time in the great outdoors - including campers, hunters, extreme sports athletes and survivalists/preppers - should consider adding the RapidStop® Tourniquet to his or her First Aid kit or Emergency Survival Trauma Kit.

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