PPE Waste

Reduce Waste with Reusable Respiratory PPE

As more and more leadership teams seek sustainability, most managers are looking for new ways to reduce waste.

When it comes to purchasing industrial PPE, safety managers are mostly concerned with factors such as cost, effectiveness, and fit testing. For construction sites and manufacturing facilities that frequently or occasionally make use of disposable respirator masks, convenience is also a concern. However, that convenience comes at a cost. Disposable respirators have a high burn rate. This expense can take a large chunk out of your annual personal protective equipment budget. Disposable respirators and gloves also contribute a significant amount of plastic waste to the environment each year.




Monthly PPE Burn 80 Masks (4-5/day, 5 days/week)

1 HEPA Filter + Hygiene Kit

Monthly Expense $320 - $500 at $4 or $5 per mask Monthly Replenishment Kits start at $105.89*


Reducing industrial PPE waste is a cost-saving measure that will also help support your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. According to Harvard Business Review,  reducing plastic waste is a simple way for companies across all industries to reduce operational costs, comply with any existing - and future - local, state, and national environmental regulations that aim to minimize plastic waste, and increase customer loyalty. Any efforts your company makes to reduce environmental waste is a great PR move - as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers and companies alike are increasingly interested in sustainability.

The easiest way for manufacturers and construction companies to reduce industrial PPE waste is by replacing single use respirators with highly protective reusable, eco-friendly powered and supplied air respirators. Switching from disposable respirators to PAPRs also helps reduce your spending on PPE.


PAPR Headgear for Every Job Site

‣ OSHA APF 1000 vs. Maximum APF of 10 for All N95s.

‣ Universal Loose Fit Assures Comfort, Protection, & Compliance without fit testing procedures.

‣ Cool Flow of Respirable Air - Easier to Breathe, Even with COPD/Asthma.

Face Hood with Face Seal Respirator with PAPR

Face Seal Hood with PAPR

Best Communication/Hearing

Lightest Weight (0.75 lb)

Ideal for light duty office and warehouse work.

Starting at $811*. Replacement Hood & Filter for $106*.

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Shoulder Hood with Neck Seal Respirator with PAPR

Neck Seal Hood with PAPR

Maximum Respiratory Protection, ANSI Z87+ Face & Eye Protection

Lightweight (1.75 lb)

Ideal for light duty work where added protection is needed.

Starting at $1,237*. Replacement Hood & Filter for $111*.

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Helmet with Neck Seal Respirator with PAPR

Neck Seal Helmet with PAPR

Maximum Respiratory Protection, ANSI Z87+ Face & Eye Protection, ANSI Z89.1 Hard Hat Protection

Flip Up Visor

Lightweight (2 lb)

Best in class respiratory protection wherever hard hats are required.

Starting at $1,372*. Replacement Shroud & Filter for $183.

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 * All pricing on this page last updated October 6, 2021.


Tight Fitting Facemasks for Every Job Site

‣ Improved OSHA APF over All N95s.

‣ Elastomeric Tight Fit Assures Comfort, Protection, & Compliance with proper fit testing regimen.

‣ Small filters replaced less frequently substantially reduces PPE costs and waste.

Half Face Respirators

Half Face Respirator Masks

Maximum Respiratory Protection

Ultra Lightweight (Model shown weighs 4.65 oz.)

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Full & 3/4 Face Respirator Masks

Maximum Respiratory Protection, ANSI Z87+ Face & Eye Protection 

Ultra Lightweight (Model shown weighs 7.37 oz.)

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Renting Job-Specific PAPR Kits is a Nearly Waste-Free Option

X1 Safety's Respirator Rental Kits provide universal fit kits that provide OSHA APF 1000 respiratory protection right out of the box we delivered to the job site. Bid the cost as a part of the job and avoid a capital expense, on-going maintenance, and end-of-life disposal. Contact your account manager to learn more.


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