Safety Products Made In America from X1 Safety

Here in Detroit, we have a proud history that dates back to the 19th century of leading American manufacturing to new frontiers. With this pride comes a soft spot for anything made in America. These five U.S. manufacturers of safety products available at X1 Safety come from Alabama, California, Michigan and Rhode Island. 

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Respiratory Protection from Royal Oak, Michigan

  1. Air supplied respirators
  2. Air monitoring, filtration, and supply
  3. Safety essentials

In their words - Protection you for life's best moments® by creating the world's best industrial respirators that advance your safety and increase your productivity. 40 years of disruptive innovation - RPB's Special Operations Unit
Established in the 1970's Special Ops is an R&D group comprised of PPE innovators, users and advocates. We specialize in air supplied respirators, airline filters, monitoring equipment & safety essentials.

Elk River

Personal Fall Protection from Cullman, Alabama

  1. Fall protection harnesses, lanyards, lifelines, anchors, and accessories
In their words - Based in Cullman, Alabama, Elk River manufactures a superior line of safe fall protection products. Our goal is to listen to our customers and to provide answers and solutions to questions before and after the sale. Once an order is received, we will move orders quickly, meet delivery schedules and requirements, and keep you informed about the status of the order. Our primary goal is to be the source for all of your fall protection needs.


    Respiratory and Hearing Protection from Culver City, California

    1. Face mask cartridge filter respirators
    2. Dust mask respirators
    3. Ear plugs and earmuffs

    In their words - With over 70 patents Moldex has a strong history of perpetual innovation. We strive to design and engineer products that provide comfort and style while addressing the hearing and respiratory needs of industrial and healthcare employees. Products they want to wear. Moldex has taken a leadership position among global PPE manufacturers in minimizing our environmental impact. We began with the complete elimination of PVC which is linked to one of the most environmentally toxic materials in landfill disposal and this initiative has now grown into a corporate culture that constantly looks to manufacture innovative products that minimize environmental impact.

    Honeywell® Safety Products

    Uvex® Eye Protection from Smithfield, Rhode Island

    1. Uvex safety glasses and goggles

    In their words - By constantly searching for ways to improve the protective capabilities, comfort, fit, durability, and look of our products, Uvex has become the acknowledged leader in safety eyewear innovation. We have secured dozens of industry patents for the many technological firsts that we have introduced to the marketplace, as well as something far more important: the accolades and the gratitude of the millions of workers who rely on our safety eyewear all day, every day. When it comes to protecting workers' eyes, trust the exceptional performance and precision optics delivered in every pair of Uvex eyewear.

    Majestic Glove Helmets

    From Colorado

    1. Majextic Glove Helmets


    Made in the USA

    Thank you for reading through this list of American manufacturers focused on workplace safety for employees. Support the four local economies listed above while keeping job sites and facilities compliant with regulations by maintaining sufficient levels of personal protective equipment available for workers - Shop all X1 Safety products made in the USA.