Radiant Heat Respiratory Protection

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  • Z-Link APF1000 Respirator Kits for Foundries, Steel Mills, and Glass Manufacturing

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. Z-Link Radiant Heat and Metalworking Respirator Versatile Industrial Respiratory Protection Eliminate fit testing with a universal loose fit helmet that provides NIOSH Certified APF 1000 (TH3)...
    From $117.91
  • Radex Complete Breathing Air System - Gas Monitor, Pre Filter, Micro Filter, Wall Mount Bracket, Made in USA - RPB

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. Radex Complete Breathing Air System (04-907 & 04-908) Complete filtration and monitoring system for supplied air lines. Includes GX4 Gas Monitor, Pre-Filter, Micro Mist Filter,...
    From $3,832.48
  • RPB GX4 Gas Monitor - Multi-Gas Detector for Breathing Air Supply Lines with Alarm and Remote Monitoring with Smart Devices

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. GX4 Gas Monitor Intelligent Gas Monitoring Detects Up to 4 Gases from Supplied Air Sources. This GX4 kit includes 3 blank sensor cases, a Carbon...
    From $2,269.52
  • RPB PX5 PAPR - Variable Speed Battery Powered Air Purifying Respirator - HEPA Filtered Breathing Air Supply

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. RPB PX5 PAPR The New Standard in Powered Air Purifying Respirators The RPB® PX5® is a battery powered air purifying respirator fan unit which draws...
    From $1,274.33
  • RPB Auxiliary Strobe & Alarm Tower with 50 ft. Cable for GX4 Air

    Made in USA. Ships Free. RPB Parts Number 08-436 Auxiliary Strobe Light and Alarm with 50ft Cable Made in USA. About RPB Made in Michigan from local and globally sourced components Find RPB...
  • RPB Radex Airline Filter - Large Capacity Breathing Air Filter

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. Radex Breathing Air Supply Filter Advanced Filtration Capacity & Versatility Polluted air can be the cause of major health issues and, at the very least,...
    From $412.88
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