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  • Ear Plug Headband - Reusable Conical Earplugs (PK 10 Protectors)

    Reusable Conical Banded Earplugs Headband (10 Pairs) NRR 22dB Designed for environments with on-and-off noise hazards. Flexible band can rest around neck when not in use. Conical earplugs that require no...
  • Ear Plug Headband - Reusable 3M E-A-R Caboflex (PK 10 Protectors)

    10 Pack of 3M™ E-A-R™ Caboflex™ Model 600 Hearing Protectors 3M™ E-A-R™ Caboflex™ band-style hearing protector features soft, conical tips that swivel for easier fitting and greater comfort. Silicone tips...
  • Ear Canal Caps Headbands - Reusable 3M E-A-R Caps (PK10)

    10 Pack of 3M™ E-A-R™ Caps™ Model 200 Hearing Protectors NRR 17 dB. Soft foam caps block the entrance to the earcanal. Band is worn under the chin. Ideal for intermittent...
  • Ear Plug Headbands - Reusable Jazz Band Hearing Protectors (10 Headbands) - Moldex 6506, Made in USA

    Made in USA. Moldex Jazz Band Earplugs Headband (Box of 10) NRR 25dB Low band pressure for comfortable use. Extra soft tapered foam pods gently conform to the ear canal....
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