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We are champions for safety standards.
Having worked in the industry ourselves, we know that safety does not always mean comfort. In our mission to advance your safety and increase your productivity we use the very best creative engineering minds, along with our customer's and other industry worker's input. The result is respiratory equipment that makes the job safer, easier, and ultimately, respiratory protection equipment that you will want to wear each day.

Choosing Respirator Options

Respirator Types Walkthrough Video.

Here's a walk through of the most common respirator types - from disposable to elastomeric to loose fitting positive pressure respirators - using the GVS-RPB Respiratory Protection Line as visual examples. You may also want to consider a self contained PAPR unit that eliminates hoses by avoiding waist or belt worn filtration units.

Video Transcript

Good day. I’m Jeremy Kenimer. I’m with RPB Safety.

Here at RPB Safety we manufacture respiratory protection products that are NIOSH approved and they’re made right here in Detroit, Michigan.

I’m going to start today by showing you our tight-fitting respiratory product range, starting with our N99 Segre. This is an individually packaged disposable mask that offers a 99 percent respiratory protection efficiency, better than that of an N95. It’s adjustable, you can see the nose clip. Also, the straps are adjustable. And underneath the nose clip we’ve got a very comfortable nose pad.

Next, I’d like to show you our elastomeric half mask respirator which we call our P100 Elipse mask. This product can be used with a HEPA filter like you see here, also with organic vapor/acid gas, or even multi-gas filtration. We also interestingly have a product for healthcare which does not have an exhaust valve, offering source control to keep your patients safe.

Now I’d like to speak with you about positive pressure respirators. With positive pressure you can use two types of air sources, either a supplied air respirator and a Grade D breathing air environment or a powered air purifying respirator or PAPR. I’m going to start by showing our PX5 PAPR. This product here is very quality in build. It offers three fan speeds for comfort, it is able to protect from HEPA or particulate exposures, also from organic vapor acid gas and from multi-gas exposures. It can be worn on a belt or on a backpack. It’s a great product.

We have other options from a PAPR standpoint as well. I have two headtops that I’d like to feature today, starting with our T200. So this product is very lightweight and very adjustable, it’s extremely popular in healthcare. It offers a chin seal as you see here which means that the ears are exposed. This allows for stethoscope use. As I said, this is very lightweight, weighing less than a pound and it’s very comfortable.

Now I’d like to also feature our Z-LINK respirator, this product is very robust as you see. It offers an 1000 APF assigned protection factor as well as ANSI certified hard hat protection and ANSI certified eye and face protection as well. It’s often used in industrial settings like foundries, welding fab shops and other industrial settings. But it is also used in EMS and interestingly in dentistry and other healthcare settings. One of the interesting features about this product is you can take the front visor and flip it up. This allows you to adjust your glasses or, in the case of healthcare or dentistry, your loops. It’s a great product and it’s very versatile.

Obviously, the benefits of loose-fitting respirators are that you do not have to pass fit testing, you are able to wear facial hair, it is more comfortable because you don’t have that tight face feel.

So I encourage you to ask about the other products that we do sell, we do sell a number of other options and the folks at X1 Safety are very good at sharing that detail. They can potentially also offer you a demo of our product. Thank you so much, stay safe.

Loose-Fit Respiratory Protection Made in Michigan

Tight-Fit Respiratory Protection Made in Ohio

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