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  • Breather Box Air Filter Replacements

    Replacement Filters for The Breather Box® - Portable Grade-D Breathing Air Filtration In order to maintain Grade-D air quality, filters must be changed on a regular basis. Notes Coalescing Filter...
    From $18.54
  • Portable Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitors

    Made in USA. Portable Carbon Monoxide (CO/CO2) Monitors Portable CO Monitoring Intermittent or Continuous Sampling This portable airline monitor connects easily to a breathing air filtration source or ambient air pumps...
    From $1,333.85
  • MSA Altair Multigas Detectors

    MSA ALTAIR Multigas Detectors Multigas Detectors (LEL, O2, CO, H2S).   ALTAIR 4XR Multi Gas Detector <15-second sensor response time. Four-year warranty, five-year expected life. 24-hour run-time. IP68 rating. Survives...
    From $2,160.00
  • GrippAir FR Drop Matting - Soft Tread

    GrippAir Drop Matting Effectively encapsulate grid mesh platforms for drop prevention. Long-lasting, reusable, easy to fit & clean. Impervious to most liquids, acids & hydrocarbons. Excellent slip resistance. Suitable for...
  • GrippGrid FR Drop Matting

    GrippGrid Drop Matting Effectively encapsulate grid mesh platforms for drop prevention. Heavy-duty & long-lasting and can be used multiple times. Fire resistant. Very high UV resistance. 6' x 82' GrippGrid Roll. Contact...
    From $772.80
  • Gripps FR Gap Screen Drop-Prevention Barrier

    Gripps Gap Screen Tetherable fire-resistant drop-prevention barrier for hand rails. Re-use from job-to-job and save compared to disposable solutions. Fire Resistant Mesh. High Visibility with bright red PVC edging. 98" x 39"...
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