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Battery Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)

Easy-to-Use Purifier Supplies HEPA Filtered Breathing Air into Lightweight Hood or Helmet

Breathe easy in a NIOSH certified Respirator knowing the air inside your hood has been pulled through an advanced HEPA filter that removes up to 99.97% of particulates down to 0.12 microns. The basic kit includes everything you need for comprehensive protection with easy to follow instructions for first time set up and use.

Lightweight Hood or Helmet

Easy-to-Use Personal Air Purifier (PAPR) Supplies HEPA Filtered Breathing Air into a Lightweight, Tuck-In Hood
  1. No Fit Test Required - Universal one-size-fits-all design with ratcheting adjustment for a secure and natural fit that follows your every move. Accommodates most eyewear, including dental loupes.

  1. Unhindered Communication - Thin material and large face shield ensure clients and patients hear every word and see every facial expression for genuinely comfortable interpersonal exchanges.

  1. Breathe Easy - Enjoy cool, comfortable air flowing into your breathing zone. PAPRs are a comfortable respiratory protection alternative to tight fitting masks for those with asthma, COPD, or similar medical conditions that make it difficult to breathe.

  1. Exceptional Wearability - The padded head liner has been meticulously designed to provide all day comfort and balanced weight distribution. 

  1. Seal Out Aerosols - Both hoods and the helmet have a seal around the face or neck to keep ambient air out. The hood and shoulder shroud includes a tuck-in bib that diverts some of the cool air under your clothing.

  1. Choose Your Comfort - Available in an exposed ears hood with face seal, shoulder length hood with neck seal, or a helmet with neck seal. Other shroud and seal options are available, call for details.

PX5 PAPR - Battery Powered Air Purifier

Easy-to-Use Personal Air Purifier (PAPR) Supplies HEPA Filtered Breathing Air into a Lightweight, Tuck-In Hood
  1. High Efficiency Filtration - Removes up to 99.97% of particulates, down to 0.12 microns.

  1. Lightweight Comfort - Filtration unit is just 2.55 lbs and is ergonomically designed to be comfortably worn around the waist.

  1. Long-Life Lithium-Ion Battery - Lasts from 8 to 12+ hours, depending on chosen fan speed.

  1. Easy-to-Use - Intuitive LED interface indicates airflow, fan speed, and battery level.

  1. Safety Alarms - Audible, visible, and physical alarms alert you when the battery runs low or the filter needs to be replaced.

  1. Assured Protection - Unit will not operate unless the filter is installed correctly.

  1. Decontaminable - Sleek considered lines and surfaces with quick release belt mounting system ensures a simplified decontamination process.


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PX5 PAPR Used During Dental Procedure

Accommodates Loupes, Does Not Impede Communication

We have had a lot of dentists reach out to us lately to discuss how the new PX5 PAPR might help to keep them safe while reopening their practices. So we asked Newingham Dental Center in Birmingham, Michigan to try it out when they reopened.


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Universal Protection

Respiratory Protection for Professions Requiring Close Personal Contact.

  1. Dentist
  1. Physical Therapy
  1. Public Safety
  1. First Response/EMT
  1. Walk-In Clinic
  1. Orthodontist
  1. Doctor
  1. Pulmonary Clinic
  1. Urgent Care
  1. Salon Stylist
  1. Delivery
  1. Home Care
  1. Restaurant
  1. Retail
  1. Security
  1. And More...


Re-Open and Stay Open With Confidence

Give yourself, your employees, and your customers the confidence of "boy in a bubble" level of protection. Satiate nervous employees demands for PPE, help them avoid missing work, and demonstrate to customers that your business takes everyone's safety seriously.


More Effective and More Comfortable than N95

PAPR Respiratory Protection for Asthma and COPD sufferers

PAPRs are recommended by the CDC over N95 protection: "All PAPR APFs exceed the APF of 10 for N95 FFR or elastomeric half facepiece respirators." The OSHA APF (assigned protection factor) for our kits is 1,000.

N95 respirators are not designed to be worn all day and can be quite uncomfortable for the average user with symptoms ranging from headaches to facial contusions. Tight fitting respirators are not a viable option for those with medical conditions such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) . Loose fitting PAPRs eliminate these challenges with cool, comfortable, and free-flowing breathing air.


No Fit Test Required

Fit testing is a two-step process that is usually performed by two different entities that conduct a medical evaluation first, followed by the actual fit test. Most jurisdictions require annual fit testing for each employee who is required to wear a tight fitting respirator. In practice, something as simple as facial hair can break the seal. Our universal one-size-fits-all PAPR solutions bypass these requirements and assure comprehensive protection at all times.


Certified Protection

This is advanced technology that has been fast tracked by the CDC's NIOSH for certification months ahead of schedule in 2020. Working together, the PX5 PAPR was certified in a record time (for RPB) and it launched on June 1st. The T-Link and Z-Link have both been rigorously tested in both controlled and field-testing environments. Certifications include:

  1. NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).
  2. ANSI Z87+ - High velocity impact for eye and face.
  3. ANSI Z89.1 - The Z-Link Helmet provides certified hard hat protection. (Available for the T-Link as well)
  4. OSHA APF - 1,000


Repairable, Not Disposable

The T-Link and PX5 PAPR have been designed to maximize production efficiency in a manufacturing environment by minimizing down time for emergency PPE respirator repairs. Scroll down for a complete list of parts and components that will keep your respirator going without the expense of daily consumables.

Find RPB parts here and instruction manuals here.


Questions? Call Us: (248) 221-8076

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Made in Detroit

RPB® - Protecting you for life's best moments®

RPB Safety - PPE Made in Detroit, Michigan, USA

Established in the 1970's, RPB's Special Operations Unit has been developing disruptive respiratory protection innovation for over 40 years. An R&D group comprised of PPE innovators, users and advocates, they specialize in air supplied respirators, air line filters, monitoring equipment, and other safety essentials.

RPB has added staffing and capacity to make as many of these respirators as they can each day. Each respirator is made in America with components that are also made in America with few exceptions. For those exceptions, RPB has stockpiled several years worth of supply to create a secure and uninterruptible supply chain.

See all of X1 Safety's PPE Made in America.

Questions? Call Us: (248) 221-8076


How to Set Up a T-Link for First Time Use

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Kit Contents
T-Link Hood Plus Bump Cap Components

Kit Customization is Available

This product listing includes our 3 most popular respirator and shroud styles that will cover the needs of most providers. If you'd like to discuss a kit that fulfills your specific needs, call your account manager at (248) 221-8076.

Basic Kit Includes

Everything you need to get started.

  1. Head harness, bump cap, or helmet.
  2. Disposable face seal hood, neck seal hood, or neck seal helmet shroud.
  3. PAPR unit with HEPA filter, high capacity battery, battery charger, flow meter, belt, and quick release belt support.
  4. Quick connect breathing tube.


Standard Kit Includes

Basic kit plus recommended extras.

  1. Everything in the Basic Kit, plus:
  2. Extra disposable hood or shroud.
  3. Extra high capacity battery.
  4. Two extra HEPA filters.
  5. 10 Pack of disposable breathing tube covers.


Deluxe Kit Includes

Standard kit plus convenience accessories.

  1. Everything in the Standard Kit, plus:
  2. Pack of disposable peel-off lenses - Ensure clear vision without wiping the face shield clean.
  3. Heavy duty duffel bag - Distinct grab and go respiratory protection carry-all.
  4. Pack of 200 antibacterial disposable hand wipes - Our favorite disinfecting wipes (Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13%) made by Crocodile Cloth in Scotland.



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Batteries & Filters

Extra Battery

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Extra Charger

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HEPA Filter

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RPB Tychem Hood Replacement for T-Link Respirators - X1 Safety
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Shrouds & Covers

Face Seal Hood

Battery Pack for RPB PX5 PAPR - X1 Safety
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Neck Seal

Battery Charger for RPB PX5 PAPR - X1 Safety
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Neck Seal

RPB Face Seals & Shoulder Capes for Z-Link Respirators - X1 Safety
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Tube Covers

RPB Tychem Hood Replacement for T-Link Respirators - X1 Safety
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Disposable Lenses & Attachments

Tear-Off Lens Covers

RPB Tear-Off Disposable Lens Systems for T-Link Respirators - X1 Safety
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RPB Comfort-Link Side Padding System for T-Link, Z-Link Respirators - X1 Safety
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RPB Vision-Link - Helmet Light System for Z4, T-Link, Z-Link Respirators - X1 Safety
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RPB Quiet-Link Hearing Protection Earmuffs for Z4, T-Link, Z-Link Respirators - X1 Safety
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Hygiene & Carry All

Head Socks (PK 10)

RPB Head Socks - Hygienic Helmet Liners (PK 10 Socks) - X1 Safety
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Skull Cap

Sold out

Carry-All Bag

RPB Duffel Carry-All Bag - X1 Safety
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Antibac Wipes

RPB Blast Suit - Coveralls for Abrasive Blasting - Heavy Duty, Triple Stitched, Knee Pads - X1 Safety
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Communications System


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Radio Connection Cables

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Connection Cable Compatibility Guide

CONNECTOR 09-930 - MOTOROLA -  AXU4100, AXV5100, BPR40, CLS1110, CLS1410, CLS1413, CLS1450C, CLS1453C, CP100, CP150, CP185, CP200, CP88, CT125, CT150, CT250, CT450, CT450LS, DTR, DTR410, DTR550, DTR650, GP200, GP2000, GP300, GP308, GP68, GP88, GTI, GTX, LTS2000, P040, P080, P110, P1225, P1225LS, P200, P2000, PR400, RDK, RDU, RDU2020, RDU2080D, RDU4100, RDU4160D, RDV, RDV2020, RDV2080D, RDV5100, SP10, SP21, SP50, VL50, XTN, XTN446, XTN500, XTN600, XU1100, XU2100, XU2600, XV1100, XV2100, XV2600 |  RELM -  RPU6500, RPV6500 | CONNECTOR 09-931 - MOTOROLA -  CBPRO, GP1280, GP140, GP320, GP328, GP329, GP338, GP339, GP340, GP360, GP380, GP640, GP650, GP680, GP960, HT1250, HT1250LS, HT1550, HT1550XLS, HT750, JT1000, MTX8250, MTX8250LS, MTX850, MTX850LS, MTX9250, MTX950, PR860, PRO5150, PRO5350, PRO5450, PRO5550, PRO5750, PRO7150, PRO7350, PRO7450, PRO7550, PRO7750, PRO9150, PTX700, PTX760, PTX780 |  HYT -  TC-980 |  CONNECTOR 09-932 - MOTOROLA -  Turbo, APX 7000, APX 7500, XPR6100, XPR6300, XPR6350, XPR6500, XPR6550, XPR6580 |  CONNECTOR 09-933 - KENWOOD -  TH-22AT, TH-235A, TH-28A, TH-42AT, TH-48A, TH-77A, TH-78A, TH-D7A(G), TH-F6, TH-F6A, TH-G71A, TH-K2AT, TK-208, TK-2100, TK-2102, TK-2130, TK-2160, TK-2170, TK-220, TK-2200, TK-2200LP, TK-2212L, TK-2302VK, TK-240, TK-240D, TK-248, TK-250, TK-260, TK-260D, TK-260G, TK-270, TK-270G, TK-272G, TK-308, TK-3100, TK-3101, TK-3102, TK-3130, TK-3131, TK-3160, TK-3170, TK-3173, TK-320, TK, 3200, TK-3200LP, TK-3212L, TK-3230, TK-3230XLS, TK-3302UK, TK-340, TK-340D, TK-348, TK-350, TK-353, TK-360, TK-360G, TK-370, TK-370G, TK-372G, TK-373, TK-430, TK-431, TK-2312, TK-3312 |  HYT -  TC-268, TC-268S, TC-270, TC-368, TC-368S, TC-370 |  RELM -  RPU416, RPU4200, RPU499, RPV4200, RPV516, RPV599X |  CONNECTOR 09-934 - EF JOHNSON -  51 SLES Series, 5100 Series, 511X, 512X, 514X, 518X, Ascend ES Series |  MOTOROLA -  GP900, GP9000, HT1000, MT1500, MT2000, MTS2000, MTX8000, MTX838, MTX900, MTX9000, MTX960, MTXLS, PRI500, X1500, XTS1500, XTS2000, XTS2500, XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000, GP1200 |  CONNECTOR 09-935 - COBRA -  CXR700, CXR800, CXR900, CXR920, CXT400, LI Series, LI3900, LI5600, LI6000, LI6500, LI6700, LI7000, LI7020, MRHH100, MRHH200, PR Series, PR190, PR240, PR245, PR3000, PR3100, PR3175, PR350, PR4000, PR4100, PR4250, PR4300, PR5000, PR560 | HYT -  TC-320 |  MOTOROLA -  EM1000, FR50, FR60, FV300, FV300R, FV700R, FV750R, MH230R, MJ270R, MR350R, MR355R, SPIRITGT, SPIRITGT Plus, SX600R, SX900R, T270, T280, T289, T5100, T5200, T5300, T5320, T5400, T5410, T5420, T5500, T5600, T5620, T5700, T5710, T5720, T5800, T5820, T5920, T5950, T6200, T6210, T6220, T6250, T6300, T6320, T6400, T6500, T7200, T7400, T8500, T8550, T9500XLR, T9550XLR, T9580R, T9680R, T9750R, TalkAbout |  CONNECTOR 09-937 - KENWOOD -  Multi-Pin |  CONNECTOR 09-937 - MOTOROLA -  X10 |  CONNECTOR 09-938 - VERTEX - VX-261 | CONNECTOR 09-939 - APEX ICOM -  IC-F4002 |  CONNECTOR 09-945 - M11 Connector |  CONNECTOR 09-948 - RCA -  RDR 2500 |  CONNECTOR 09-949 - MOTOROLA -  HX370S

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