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Tool Tethering for Working at Height

Prevent dropped helmets, tools, and hardware for safer work site drop zones.

Gripps - Conquer Gravity

Gripps LogoDropped tools and objects consistently play a leading role globally, as one of the highest causes of fatalities and serious injuries for workers on-site.

Working in parallel with industries that operate at height, Gripps engineers practical safety solutions that increase working efficiencies while mitigating the risks of drops.

Tool Tethering Best Practices

Make sure you follow these best practices when working at height to avoid injury to yourself or others.

  1. Never attach a tool weighing more than 2.5kg/5.5lbs to your person.
  2. Never attach a tool tether longer than 25cm/10" to your wrist.
  3. Only ever attach tools to your wrist using certified wrist bands or GRIPPS® gloves.
  4. Ensure all tool bags and lifting bags are fully sealed when being lifted and transported.
  5. Never leave tools loose or unsecured when at height.

Download the Gripps Tool Tethering Handbook.

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    Gripps Grab-and-Go Tool Tethering Belt Kits Perfect for those on the run needing a rapid tool tethering solution when working at heights but using minimal tools. Grab-and-Go Solo Kit Contents 1 x...
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  • Gripps Seal Bag Waterproof Duffel

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  • Phone & Tablet Tether and E-Catch Kit (PK 20 Kits) - Gripps

    Pack of 20 Gripps Phone or Tablet Tethers with E-Catch Connectors Tether electronic devices to anchor points. Non-Conductive Coil E-Tethers Heavy duty poly clip, poly clamp, steel clamp or dual...
    From $185.14
  • V-Gripp Tape (PK 10 Rolls) - Gripps Tool Tethering

    10 Rolls of V-Gripp Tape Connect tether connectors to hand tools. V-Gripp Tape - 1" x 106" Self-vulcanizing - no chemical adhesives. Heat resistant to 302 degrees Farenheit. Resistant to...
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    Pack of 10 Gripps Open Tool Catch Tether Connectors Connect tethers to tools with open handles. Get all the connectors you require for adding a Ratchet or Wrench to your tool...
  • Hammer Catch Tether Connector Kit (PK 10) - Gripps

    Pack of 10 Gripps Solid Hammer Catch Tether Connectors Connect tethers to hammers. Get all the connectors you require for adding any hammer to your tool belt with this pack....
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