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Rescue Hook High Voltage Hot Stick.

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  1. Thinner and lighter hook for ease of use.
  2. Material: Fiberglass
  3. 6 foot length.
  4. Hotstick meets ASTM F711.
  5. Made in the USA.
AG Safety

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Industries served

Electrical Contractors
First Responders
Power Generation


Determine the Hazard
When time is critical, our voltage detectors give first responders the confidence to go in and save lives faster with the knowledge that there is no live power.

Tried and Trusted
AG Safety’s innovative voltage detectors advance the safety of all personnel working around electricity by identifying the electrical risk without contact.

Have a Detector on the Truck
It’s the key to your safety. Compact and easy-to-use non-contact detectors activate in the presence of a voltage threat.

Setting World Standards
When the US developed industry standards for non-contat voltage detectors in 2017, they referenced the inventors of the DC50.

World’s First Non-Contact DC Detector
Launching non-contact detectors has revolutionized safety in direct current environments from fifty to over a million DC volts. No one else offers a true DC non-contact detector.

No Qualifications Required
Non-electrical personnel can easily be trained to operate the DC50 safely and expertly

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