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Electrician's Dielectric Insulated Hand Tool Kits

Screwdrivers, Pliers and Tool Bag.

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Tested to 10,000 VAC and used for working on, or in close proximity to, energized electrical apparatus or conductors operating at maximum voltage of 1000 VAC.
Injection molded for better durability and no excess thickness of insulating material.

Select Premium Screwdrivers for: Kit with screwdrivers featuring an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort while in use. (more in Kit Contents tab above)

Select Composite Pliers for: Kit includes fully insulated pliers that contain no metallic parts and ceramic cutting blades. (more in Kit Contents tab above)

Meets ASTM F1505.

Kit Contents

9 PC AG Safety Tool Kit Contents

Screwdriver Sizes Included:

  1. Screwdriver Slotted 5/32''
  2. Screwdriver Slotted 5/16''
  3. Screwdriver Slotted 1/4''
  4. Screwdriver Phillips #2
  5. Screwdriver Phillips #1

Select Premium Screwdrivers for: Kit with screwdrivers featuring an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort while in use.

Plier Style Included:

Select Classic for:

  1. Classic Pliers Side Cutting
  2. Classic Pliers Combination
  3. Classic Pliers Long Nose 7"
  4. Classic Pliers Wire Stripper.

Select Composite Pliers for fully insulated pliers that contain no metallic parts:

  1. Composite Pliers Wire Cutter
  2. Composite Pliers Universal, XL
  3. Composite Pliers Needle Nose, XL
  4. Classic Pliers Wire Stripper

Every Kit Includes a Folding Tool Bag.

  1.  ID slot for easy identification.
  2.  9 inside pockets. 
Customize It

Experience the X1 Safety Difference

We work closely with innovative manufacturers across the USA to understand their modern solutions to age old challenges facing foundries, mills, and glass manufacturers. By serving as a single point of contact for strained manufacturing sales and technical teams, X1 Safety can provide small and mid-sized foundries and mills with a level of access generally reserved for your largest competitors.

Contact us or call (833) 408-0500 to meet your dedicated account manager today. We have vans on the ground on the East Coast, West Coast, and Midwest and would love an opportunity to visit your facility. With a better understanding of your specific safety needs, we can provide:

Garment Customization

Most garments can be made to size and length specifications that are not shown in on our website. There is no minimum order on custom garments, but there will be a 1-5 week lead time.

Sample Swatches or Wear Trials

We bring off-the-shelf solutions for your team to test and analyze and help you determine how they can be customized for your unique circumstances.

Stocked Customizations

We will stock your factory customized and other standard safety equipment you count on to help you avoid long lead times.

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Make safety personal with product customization available on most garments, gloves, glasses, and hard hats.

Call Us On It

Step out of the shadows of the multinational behemoths your vendors serve and enjoy our hands-on service. We don’t have a call center in India so you may need to leave a message, but it is our promise that we will get back to you within an hour. Go ahead, call us on it - (833) 408-0500.

AG Safety

Arc Guard® AG Safety Products

All Arc Guard Electrician's Arc Flash Protection Products.

Industries served

Electrical Contractors
First Responders
Power Generation


Determine the Hazard
When time is critical, our voltage detectors give first responders the confidence to go in and save lives faster with the knowledge that there is no live power.

Tried and Trusted
AG Safety’s innovative voltage detectors advance the safety of all personnel working around electricity by identifying the electrical risk without contact.

Have a Detector on the Truck
It’s the key to your safety. Compact and easy-to-use non-contact detectors activate in the presence of a voltage threat.

Setting World Standards
When the US developed industry standards for non-contat voltage detectors in 2017, they referenced the inventors of the DC50.

World’s First Non-Contact DC Detector
Launching non-contact detectors has revolutionized safety in direct current environments from fifty to over a million DC volts. No one else offers a true DC non-contact detector.

No Qualifications Required
Non-electrical personnel can easily be trained to operate the DC50 safely and expertly

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