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Sku: 24 EA of 3142-14THY

Majestic Glove SKU 3142-xxTHY

  1. Cut Level: ANSI A4, ENC
  2. 18 inch long high visibility yellow Korplex cut resistant sleeve with thumbhole.
  3. Majestic sleeves made with Korplex® provide arm and wrist protection from cuts and lacerations.
  4. Added elastic in wrist for improved fit and comfort.
  5. Elastic knitted bicep cuff to keep sleeve in place.
  6. Thumbhole for better dexterity.
  7. Tapered knit at both ends.
  8. Gray nylon palm for increased comfort.
  9. Pack of 24 cut resistant sleeves.


Majestic Technology

Cut Resistant Sleeves

Majestic Cut-Less cut resistant sleeves provide protection against cuts, abrasions, heat, scrapes, snags, and tears. Made with Dyneema® or Kevlar®, these knit sleeves intensify your safety standards by extending your level of cut protection from your wrist to your forearm and bicep. Options include sleeves with or without a thumbhole and a thermal plastic rubber (TPR) forearm guard for impact protection.

Cut-Less sleeves are lightweight, comfortable, durable, and provide exceptional cut protection in critical areas. Sleeves are available in 14, 16, 18, and 24-inch sizes.

Setting the Standard in Cut Resistance

Hand injuries are among the most common work-related injuries. Keeping workers safe from cuts and abrasions demands the right kind of hand protection for the right job. Majestic’s Cut-Less line offers one of the industry’s widest range of cut resistant gloves and sleeves. With advanced engineered material combined with exceptional grip coatings, you’re sure to find the hand protection you need to perform at the highest level.

Majestic’s Cut-Less with Dyneema® & Cut-Less with Dyneema® Diamond™

Dyneema® and Dyneema® Diamond Technology offers the leading combination of cut protection, comfort and durability. At pound-for-pound fifteen times stronger than steel, Dyneema® is the world’s strongest fiber. By radiating heat away from hands, Dyneema® keeps hands cool, providing all day comfort.

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