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Ortho TUFF Skin Mat from ProTech

Ultra Durable Anti-Fatigue Non-Slip Ergonomic Floor Matting

Closed cell nitrile mats made in the USA promote employee safety and wellness, improve productivity and morale, and mitigate exposure to prolonged cold, heat, and vibration. The ultimate anti-fatigue solution for all industries and the reduction of strains, pains, and worker’s compensation claims related to prolonged standing.

  1. Ultra-Durable: Featuring exclusive TUFF Skin protective coating
  2. Anti-Fatigue: Ergonomically designed to reduce back, leg, foot, and ankle fatigue. Reduces spinal compression. Increases circulation.
  3. Anti-Slip: National Floor Safety Institute Approved – Non-slip quality tested 40% higher than any other sponge mat.
  4. Anti-Absorption: Closed cell nitrile matting eliminates absorption of liquids and fluids.
  5. Chemical Resistant: Mats are impervious to acids, chemicals, and petroleum products. Samples available for testing.
  6. Safety Beveled: Reduce trips, service carts roll over mats with ease.
  7. User friendly: Lightweight and easy to clean.
  8. Non-allergenic: Latex and silicone free.
  9. US Factory Customization: Call (833) 408-0500 to discuss custom shapes, sizes, patterns, logos, and more.
  10. 18-24 Month Warranty: Life expectancy of 3-8 years.
  11. Made in USA


Ortho TUFF Skin Mat Details
Ortho Tuff Skin Ergonomic Safety Matting is full customizable

World’s leading industrial anti-fatigue matting. The human resource manager’s solution to slips and falls and the softest, most comfortable mat on the planet – don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.

  1. Can be fabricated to any shape or size, custom patterns, logos and colors are also available. Call (833) 408-0500 to discuss your specific needs.
  2. 3/4-Inch-thick matting fabricated from superior closed cell virgin nitrile rubber.
  3. All mats are approximate in size with a tolerance of +/- 1 Inch. (Sponge products are not zero tolerance materials due to expansion and contraction).
  4. Clean with ammonia, bleach, chlorine, or acid-based cleaners. Okay to steam clean, maximum temperature of 250 degrees.
  5. Burn test: UL94 HBF self-extinguished in 10 seconds, burned 1/4 inch.
  6. Excellent non-slip properties.
  7. Ultimate durability, non-slip properties, and chemical resistance.


  1. Industrial work cell/stations
  2. Hotel front end departments
  3. Security & ticket booths
  4. Cashier & counting cages
  5. Gyms & golf service areas
  6. Table top mats
  7. Stand up forklift pads
  8. Equipment box liners
  9. Automotive manufacturing
  10. Assembly lines
  11. Factories & fabrication facilities
  12. Mechanic areas
  13. Utility truck buckets
  14. Parts manufacturing
  15. Lean manufacturing cells
  16. All applications requiring employees to stand
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