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Sku: H06030

Gripps Gap Mat

Tetherable fire-resistant drop-prevention mat.

  1. Re-use from job-to-job and save compared to disposable solutions.
  2. Fire Resistant Mesh.
  3. Dual-Purpose - also can be applied to rails.
  4. High Visibility with bright red PVC edging.
  5. 98" x 39" Drop Mat. Contact us to discuss custom sizing to lengths you require for your worksite.

The GRIPPS Gap Mat is a durable, fire-resistant drop prevention mat with dedicated anchor points for tethering.

With 6x D-Rings covering the mat, tools or equipment are easily attached, providing several anchor points. The Gap Mat is easily secured using cable ties (or similar ties) with the 22 available eyelets surrounding the edges.

The Gap Mat allows personnel to work on grid mesh platforms whilst protecting their tools and equipment from falling through the grating and is reusable thanks to the highly durable mesh.

Gripps Technology

Gripps: Conquer Gravity

Premium Tool Tethering & Drop Prevention Solutions

Born in Victoria, Australia, GRIPPS® are the global leaders in innovative and practical tool tethering solutions.

In Their Words: 

Founded in 1993, GRIPPS® is dedicated to saving lives, through the implementation of innovative tool tethering solutions.

As global leaders in tool tethering, we work closely with partners across a wide range of industry sectors; engineering solutions to ensure that their workforce returned home safely after each shift.

This close alliance with industry allows us to benefit from constant clarification and refinement, with a focus on delivering tangible benefits through to the end user, by supplying meaningful safety solutions that support the individual task at hand.

Our safety initiatives are actively in use across the construction, renewable energy, oil and gas, utilities and mining sectors on projects all over the world including: Australia, North America, the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the UK.

Our mission is underpinned by our values of integrity, quality and total customer satisfaction.

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