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Quantity of 1 = 1 foot of mat at selected width. Valid for mats up to 60 feet in length. Contact us for runners longer than 60 feet.

Hog Heaven® Mat 421 and 422 Sold by the Foot (Up to 60 Feet)

Durable Anti-Fatigue Non-Slip Ergonomic Floor Matting in Solid Black or with OSHA-Approved Yellow Caution Borders

Hog Heaven anti-fatigue mats are designed to provide comfort and durability in a variety of harsh conditions.

  1. Comfortable - High-density nitrile-blended cushion helps eliminate pressure to the lower back and legs, providing superior comfort.
  2. Safe - Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI); sloped edges provide a safe transition from floor to mat.
  3. Durable - Nitrile-blended cushion provides years of useful service life; cushion is molded, not glued, to the nitrile rubber surface so it will not separate; edges will not crack or curl.
  4. Versatile - Welding safe; ESD rating of electrically conductive; chemical resistant; surface is grease/oil proof and cushion is grease/oil resistant.
  5. Available in 5/8" or 7/8" thicknesses with solid black or with OSHA-approved caution yellow borders on two sides.
  6. Can be customized with your logo, design, or message.
  7. Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee - Manufacturer promises customers an unconditional, 100% satisfaction guarantee for the life of the product.

Superior anti-fatigue mat that features textured Nitrile rubber surface for slip resistance and excellent chemical resistance. 100% Nitrile rubber border remains flexible for the life of product and will not crack or curl. Available in two thicknesses. Also available with striped OSHA approved borders.

    Hog Heaven Mats

    Hog Heaven Mat Specifications

    SURFACE Material: Nitrile rubber

    CUSHION Material: High-density, closed-cell nitrile/PVC-blended foam

    OVERALL MAT THICKNESS: Select 5/8 inch (0.6250" ) or 7/8 inch (0.8750").


    1. Durometer: 56
    2. Compression Deflection:
    1. 5/8" Mat: 47.8% at 20 psi, 61.6% at 40 psi
    2. 7/8" Mat: 51.0% at 20 psi, 66.0% at 40 psi
    1. Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
    2. Passes flammability standard DOC-FF1-70
    3. ASTM C1028-96 static coefficient of friction:
    1. Dry 0.87 
    2. Wet 0.85
    1. ESD rating of electrically conductive:
    1. Surface to surface at 50% relative humidity 2.6 x 10^5 ohms
    2. Surface to surface at 12% relative humidity 3.0 x 10^5 ohms
    1. Meets requirements for ASTM/ESD S20.20 and ASTM/ESD S7.1
    2. Melt point over 500 degrees F; tested at temperatures up to 1800 degrees F for welding/slag resistance (results available upon request)


      Hog Heaven Applications

      Hog Heaven is our most popular anti-fatigue mat. It's ability to perform in a variety of indoor environments (from sensitive to harsh) make it a "go-to" solution for indoor commercial and industrial settings where slag, grease and oil, or chemicals are present.

      Hog Heaven Mat Cleaning Instructions

      Hog Heaven mats can be cleaned by scrubbing with a deck brush (when needed), using detergent with a neutral pH, and rinsing with a hose or pressure washer.  Mats should be laid flat or hung to dry.

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