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  1. 15 Pairs of Pre-assembled Cartridge + Adapter + Filter for easy attachment
  2. Optional replacement of either cartridge or filter, as needed, for optimum usage and cost savings
  3. Can be used with Moldex 7000, 7800 and 9000 series respirators
  4. Keyless bayonet-style attachment makes assembly quick and easy
  5. 100% PVC-Free, like all Moldex products & packaging - for a greener alternative


Multi-Gas/Vapor Smart® Cartridge (If selected)

    1. Simplifies inventory by reducing the need to stock multiple cartridge types
    2. Approved for nine common gas/vapors
    3. Cartridge selection made simpler and misuse reduced
    4. Replaces up to five gas/vapor cartridges
    5. Ideal for use against multiple hazards in the same workplace


Common Applications

The Moldex 7140 and 7640 combo stacked cartridge/filters are useful in a variety of applications including petrochemical, construction, transportation, and chemical manufacturing.

Moldex part/model numbers 7020, 8910, 8970

About Moldex

Respiratory and Hearing Protection from Culver City, California

        1. Face mask cartridge filter respirators
        2. Dust mask respirators
        3. Ear plugs and earmuffs

In their words - With over 70 patents Moldex has a strong history of perpetual innovation. We strive to design and engineer products that provide comfort and style while addressing the hearing and respiratory needs of industrial and healthcare employees. Products they want to wear. Moldex has taken a leadership position among global PPE manufacturers in minimizing our environmental impact. We began with the complete elimination of PVC which is linked to one of the most environmentally toxic materials in landfill disposal and this initiative has now grown into a corporate culture that constantly looks to manufacture innovative products that minimize environmental impact.

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