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Respiratory Protection

Pack of 20 Cassette Lenses for RPB® Nova 3 Respirators. Each cassette includes 1 outer lens and 5 tear off lenses.

Vision and productivity is further enhanced with RPB’s unique tear-off lens system. The pre-folded tabs guarantee that only one lens is removed at a time, without removing your gloves or stopping blasting. Up to 6 lenses can be inserted into the helmet at any one time, meaning the blaster can continue to blast, uninterrupted, with perfect vision for their shift.


About RPB

Respiratory Protection from Royal Oak, Michigan

  1. Air supplied respirators
  2. Air monitoring, filtration, and supply
  3. Safety essentials

In their words - Protection you for life's best moments® by creating the world's best industrial respirators that advance your safety and increase your productivity. 40 years of disruptive innovation - RPB's Special Operations Unit
Established in the 1970's Special Ops is an R&D group comprised of PPE innovators, users and advocates. We specialize in air supplied respirators, airline filters, monitoring equipment & safety essentials.

RPB Cassette Lens System for Nova 3 Respirators

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