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24 Hour (3-Shift) PAPR Kit

Facilities Using N95s can Save More Than $440/Month/Provider!

• Significantly reduce respiratory protection costs in 31 days.
• Provide demonstrably better protection (APF 1,000).
• Reduce hazardous waste destined for landfills.
• Facilitate empathetic communication with a full view of the provider's face.


for 3 Providers

N95 Masks
for 3 Providers


Respiratory Protection for 3 People x 31 Days =

$1,480.27 FIRST MONTH

4 Masks/Shift x 3 Shifts/Day
x $4/Mask x 31 Days =



New Filter, Hoods, Tube Covers, and Wipes =

$161.22 EACH MONTH

(Auto Ship Service Available)





99.7% to 0.12 microns

95% to 0.3 microns


Made in Detroit
Always in Stock



Full View of
Provider's Face

Obscures Face


Comfortable Fit and Easy Breathing
Even with Asthma/COPD

(Not designed for all-day use)
PAPR Protection for Medical Providers N95 Mask

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Kit Details

Each 24 Hour (3-Shift) PAPR Kit Includes:

PX5 PAPR Unit 3 Head Harness Assemblies
2 Battery Chargers 3 Face Seal Hoods
3 Battery Packs  3 Breathing Tubes
Pack of 10 Breathing Tube Covers Pouch of 200 Antibacterial (BZK) Wipes


Questions? Call us! (248) 221-8076


All Kits are NIOSH Certified (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

OSHA APF of 1,000 (Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Assigned Protection Factor)


PX5 PAPR Specifications

Sleek, considered lines and surfaces combined with a quick release belt mounting system ensures the decontamination process can be as simple as possible.

Air Flow
Speed 1: Greater than 6cfm (170slpm).
Speed 2: Greater than 7.4cfm (210slpm).
Speed 3: Greater than 8.4cfm (240slpm).

Operating Noise
Speed 1: 57dBA at 12” (305mm) from the unit.
Speed 2: 59dBA at 12” (305mm) from the unit.
Speed 3: 62dBA at 12” (305mm) from the unit.

Alarm Volume
85dBA at 4” (104mm).

Battery Charging
5 hours for full charge.
300+ charge cycles with battery life greater than 80% of original.

Power supply
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.
Charging: 110-240v 50-60Hz AC.

Battery Run Times*
Speed 1: 10+ hours.
Speed 2: 7+ hours.
Speed 3: 6+ hours.
*Run times can vary dependent on age of filter.

9.1in (231mm) Height.
6.9in (174mm) Width.
2.6in (65mm) Depth (without belt).
Weighs 2.5 lbs/1.13kg with standard belt.

Water and Dust Ingress Protection rating
Tested to IP 65 with filter and door in place, with the breathing tube connected.

Operating Temperature
-4˚F to 122˚F (-20˚C to 50˚C).
If unit is operated outside of this temperature range for 10 minutes battery alarm will activate.


T200 Hood Specifications

The RPB T200 is a lightweight multipurpose respirator designed specifically for the Healthcare and Life Science industries, relieving workers of breathing difficulties and fatigue experienced with N95 use. Available with a head harness, the T200 is perfect for environments that need face protection and respiratory protection. Using the Face Seal Hood the T200 provides an OSHA Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 1,000 and gives facilities the ability to adapt the base product to suit multiple applications without having large inventories of replacement parts. The T200 has been approved by NIOSH for use with the RPB PX5® PAPR.

This respirator does not require face fit testing.


ABS and nylon injection molded parts
HDPE head harness
PETG lenses
Tychem® 2000 hood
Cotton face seal


Weight (Hood, Harness, and Air Duct) - 0.71 lbs / 321g
Operating temperature - 14˚F to 140˚F / -10˚C to 60˚C
Storage temperature - 14˚F to 113˚F / -10˚C to 45˚C <90%RH


Crocodile Cloth Antibacterial Wipes Specifications

Resealable Dispenser Pouch with 80 Wipes - Made in Scotland

Alcohol free formula dermatologically tested to be safe, gentle and won’t dry your hands. They clean and sanitize at the same time, so they are perfect for messy hands when you can’t get to a sink. The light, fresh scent dissipates quickly as hands dry. Ideal for cleaning and sanitizing without soap and water in medical environments, schools, offices, homes, and more.

Effective against: Bacteria
Active ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13% (antimicrobial)
Size of Wipe: 6” x 8”
FDA Registered.
National Drug Code: 74602 700 80


Questions? Call Us: (248) 221-8076

Made in Detroit

RPB® - Protecting you for life's best moments®

RPB Safety - PPE Made in Detroit, Michigan, USA

Established in the 1970's, RPB's Special Operations Unit has been developing disruptive respiratory protection innovation for over 40 years. An R&D group comprised of PPE innovators, users and advocates, they specialize in air supplied respirators, air line filters, monitoring equipment, and other safety essentials.

RPB has added staffing and capacity to make as many of these respirators as they can each day. Each respirator is made in America with components that are also made in America with few exceptions. For those exceptions, RPB has stockpiled several years worth of supply to create a secure and uninterruptible supply chain.


See all of X1 Safety's PPE Made in America.



More Effective and More Comfortable than N95

PAPRs are recommended by the CDC over N95 protection: "All PAPR APFs exceed the APF of 10 for N95 FFR or elastomeric half facepiece respirators." The OSHA APF (assigned protection factor) for our kit is 1,000.

N95 respirators are not designed to be worn all day and can be quite uncomfortable for the average user with symptoms ranging from headaches to facial contusions. Tight fitting respirators are not a viable option for those with medical conditions such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Loose fitting PAPRs eliminate these challenges with cool, comfortable, and free-flowing breathing air.


Eliminate Fit Testing Procedures

Fit testing is a two-step process that is usually performed by two different entities that conduct a medical evaluation first, followed by the actual fit test. Most jurisdictions require annual fit testing for each employee who is required to wear a tight fitting respirator. In practice, something as simple as facial hair can break the seal. Our universal one-size-fits-all PAPR solutions bypass these requirements and assure comprehensive protection at all times.


Economical Solution

These kits have been designed to maximize production efficiency in a manufacturing environment by minimizing down time for emergency PPE respirator repairs. A complete list of parts and components available below will keep your respirator going without the expense of daily consumables.

Find RPB parts here and instruction manuals here.

Questions? Call us! (248) 221-8076

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