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Made in Detroit.

RPB T200 Healthcare Respirators

Lightweight Face Seal and Uncovered Ears for Exceptional Comfort and Communication

T200 Series PAPRs for Health Care Workers

The RPB T200 is a lightweight multipurpose respirator designed specifically for the Healthcare and Life Science industries, relieving workers of breathing difficulties and fatigue experienced with N95 use. Available with either a head harness or bump cap for head protection and multiple hood options, the T200 has the ability to adapt to different environments that need face protection and respiratory protection. Using the Face Seal Hood the T200 provides an APF of 1,000. It also gives facilities the ability to adapt the base product to suit multiple applications without having large inventories of replacement parts. The T200 has been approved by NIOSH for use with the RPB PX5® PAPR.

This respirator does not require face fit testing or medical evaluations. The hood material is Tychem® QC (2000) and there are three variations of this respirator hood available:

1. Face Seal Hood which allows for the wearer to easily use a stethoscope with open access to the ears.

2. Face Seal Hood with Shoulder Length Shroud, which also allows stethoscope use without breaking the face seal but provides additional coverage down to the shoulders.

3. Neck Seal Hood with Full Length Shroud, which also allows stethoscope use without breaking the face seal but provides additional coverage down to the shoulders.

For hearing protection, the optional Quiet-Slim™ Ear Defender earmuff system can be used. Contact us for details.

Made in the USA.

Ideal For

No Fit Test Respiratory Protection and Compliance

Forced air respirators surround the operator's head with a helmet or mask & face seal or shoulder shroud, keeping out dangerous fumes. Respirable breathing air is supplied by a personal PAPR.

Clean Air for Health Care Workers On The Go

The ergonomically designed, lightweight, battery powered PX5 PAPR for a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) is worn on the hip that supplies HEPA filtered breathing air without the restriction of attached air lines.

RPB PX5 Features and Benefits

Certifications & More...


      1. NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).


Choosing an Air Flow Device

Select an airflow device above from the following options:

  1. PX5 PAPR - Personal Air Purifier - Lightweight variable speed unit supplies HEPA filtered air without attached lines.
  2. HX5 PAPR - Personal Air Purifier - Economical single speed version of the PX5 PAPR.
  3. C40 Climate Control Device - Boost productivity with air cooled up to 52°F (29°C) or warmed up to 33°F (18°C).
  4. Constant Flow Valve - Regulates incoming airflow from clean air sources.


More Info

  1. Made in Michigan from local and globally sourced components
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