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Made in Detroit. Ships Free.

GX4 Gas Monitor

Intelligent Gas Monitoring Detects Up to 4 Gases from Supplied Air Sources.

This GX4 kit includes 3 blank sensor cases, a Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor at the Alarm Level you select, an Air Supply Hose, a Power Adapter Pack you select, and mounting bracket.

Have complete confidence in the air you and your team  breathe with the GX4®,  an intelligent gas monitor that  has the ability to detect up to  4 gases simultaneously.

Gases such as carbon monoxide are invisible to all the human senses, yet are commonly found in industrial premises worldwide. While low level exposure may not be immediately fatal, ongoing contact at low levels has a cumulative effect, causing serious illness and long term health concerns. Early symptoms can be mistaken for the flu, headaches or tiredness. It is a serious problem which is commonly overlooked.

The GX4® can detect up to four gases simultaneously. It includes smart device and  cloud integration capabilities enabling you to view your air quality from any device,  while sensors are displayed online in real time.

Made in the USA.



  1. 105 DBA staccato alarm
  2. Strong nylon ABS case that will handle the harshest of conditions
  3. External alarms can be connected if you are working remotely
  4. Sturdy mounting bracket
  5. Can be mounted to the RPB® Radex Airline Filter or to the wall
  6. Monitor up to four gases simultaneously
  7. Cartridges can be easily removed and replaced
  8. Illuminated display that displays real time data
  9. Calibration kit available for quick and easy calibration checks with no set points required
  10. Universal power options
  11. Robust power inlet
  12. Pre-calibrated gas sensors that last for up to 2 years
  13. Push release air inlet


Learn about RZ Fittings -  RPB Safety's RZ Fittings - Impossible to Connect Respirators to Anything Other Than Breathing Air Lines

Ideal For

Work Site Air Quality Monitoring

Gas Detection Cartridges Available:

    1. Part # 08-420-01:  Carbon Monoxide (CO) 10ppm  Alarm Level
    2. Part # 08-420-02:  Carbon Monoxide  (CO)  5ppm  Alarm Level
    3. Part # 08-420-03:  Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 10ppm  Alarm Level
    4. Part # 08-420-O4:  Oxygen (O) 19.5% - 23%  Alarm Level
    5. Other cartridges available please call (833) 408-0500 or email



Applications Include:

  1. Spray painting/coating
  2. Confined  space applications
  3. Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  4. Chemical, pesticide and materials handling
  5. Chemical stripping
  6. Waste management
  7. Detecting Carbon Monoxide gas
  8. Detecting Hydrogen Sulfide gas
  9. Detecting Oxygen Levels


          1. Made in Michigan from local and globally sourced components
          2. Learn about RZ Fittings -  RPB Safety's RZ Fittings - Impossible to Connect Respirators to Anything Other Than Breathing Air Lines
          3. Find RPB parts here or instruction manuals here
          4. Questions? Call (833) 408-0500



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