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RPB T-Link Tear-Off Lens Systems

Protect the main lens of RPB® T-Link Lightweight Hood visor from chemical splash, spray drift, or dust and ensure the operator has fast access to clear vision without waste.


  • Protects T-Link - Minimize maintenance costs by protecting the main lens.
  • Reduces Waste - Each lens has a pre-folded tab that guarantees only one lens is removed at a time - even with heavy gloves on.
  • Enhances Productivity - Up to 6 lenses can be inserted into the helmet at one time for a full shift of uninterrupted operation.
  • Made in USA.


Cassette Lens vs. Fit & Save

Cassette Tear-Off Lens System

RPB Safety's unique cassette tear-off lens system designed for the T-Link features one outer lens fused with four to seven tear off lenses, preventing dust from getting in between the lenses. The one piece design of each cassette makes it significantly faster to set up than the individual Fit & Save lenses. This product contains 7 disposable lenses that covers the respirator visor and optional Vision-Link lighting system.

Fit & Save Tear-Off Lenses

    Tear-off lenses that comes in packs of 25. Each lens needs to be individually peeled and stuck on to the respirator visor. 

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