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OEL Class 3 Rubber Voltage Gloves

OEL Class 3 (26,500v) voltage industrial rubber insulating gloves provide the best in class electrical protection. The Class 3 glove offers a comfortable design in an ergonomically friendly hand-at-a-natural-rest shapeless hand fatigue from non-splayed fingers and generously flared cuff allows room for clothing and improves ventilation. The OEL Class 3 Rubber Insulating gloves case-hardened finish provides a smoother surface for easy donning and doffing.

OEL Class 3 Rubber Voltage Gloves Video


OEL Class 3 Rubber Voltage Gloves Compliance

  1. ASTM D120 Class 3 - 26,500 AC Volts
  2. OSHA

Ansell Marigold and Novax® Industrial branded gloves are manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of the current version of ASTM D120, the standard specification for Industrial Rubber Insulating Gloves.

OEL Class 3 Rubber Voltage Gloves Inspection

Once the electrical safety gloves have been issued, OSHA requires that “protective equipment be maintained in a safe, reliable condition.” This requires that the gloves be inspected for any damage before each day’s use. Gloves must also be inspected immediately following any incident that may have caused damage. OSHA also requires that insulating gloves be given an air test along with the inspection.

The air testing method is described in ASTM F496-14a Standard Specification for In-Service Care of Insulating Gloves and Sleeves.

OEL Class 3 Rubber Voltage Gloves Storage

To help ensure the integrity of the gloves and worker safety, gloves need to be stored properly when not in use. Proper storage means that gloves must not be folded and need to be kept out of excessive heat, sunlight, humidity, ozone and any chemical or substance that could damage the rubber. Ansell Marigold and Novax® Industrial branded gloves are manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of the current version of ASTM D120, the standard specification for Industrial Rubber Insulating Gloves.

OEL Class 3 Rubber Voltage Gloves Sizing

Having protective equipment that fits properly is vital to the safety of employees. Knowing how to accurately measure and choose glove sizes can increase safety and productivity in the workplace.

If gloves do not fit properly, they can often delay work or result in hand injuries. If the hand protection is too small, it may cause hand fatigue. Gloves that are too small also decrease dexterity. If the protective material is stretched out, the glove is more likely to rip or tear during use which is costly to replace, as well as dangerous for the wearer. Gloves that are too large also create safety issues, such as getting caught on jagged edges or moving parts of machinery.

It is imperative to understand how to appropriately measure the hand to issue and order properly sized gloves. If the glove fits properly, it will provide the worker with maximum protection without compromising dexterity.

To find the appropriate glove size, use a tape measure around the knuckles of the dominant hand. The inch measurement of your hand should correspond directly to the numbered sizes of the glove.

For example, if you measure your hand to be 8 inches around the circumference of your knuckles, then the corresponding size for your hand is Size 8. If your hand measures 8.5 inches, it is common for people to choose a Size 9 glove.

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