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Sku: SPR643

Made in USA.

Elastomeric Respirator with no Exhalation Valve

Unvalved half face mask prevents cross contamination from the wearer

Additional and replacement Filters Available Here

elipse healthcare respirator prevents cross contamination

Compact, lightweight and flexible design which adapts and fits perfectly to the face and offers a full range of vision without interfering with eye or ear protection or stethoscope use. Lightweight, non-slip strap that is easily adjusted in 4 positions for improved comfort and to allow safe use even in high humidity or wet conditions. Elipse® come in 2 sizes.

Soft-Light-Resistant Respirators

The Elipse range of face masks by GVS, represent a major advance in mask design. As one of the lightest on the market in its class, its ergonomic shape provides maximum visibility to wearers, can safely be worn with goggles, helmets and hearing protection. The ability to replace filters extends the masks overall working life. These compact profile masks are made of hypo-allergenic materials and the replaceable filters offer a minimum efficiency of 99.97% or higher at 0.3 microns particle size.

Anatomical Design

GVS's range of extremely lightweight masks fit perfectly to the face, without hindering the user. The compact profile of the mask and filters allow all ELIPSE® range masks to create a perfect seal to the face and ensure the greatest possible field of vision during use, without interfering with other personal protective equipment such as eye, ear and face protection.

Comfortable and Hypo-Allergenic

Unique comfort, thanks to the flexible and soft characteristics of the TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer), used in the ELIPSE® masks, making them very comfortable even when worn for an extended period of time. The materials that make up the mask are odorless and hypoallergenic, latex and silicone free and conform to ISO 10993-10:200.

Patented HESPA™ P100 Filters

The Encapsulation is a patented technology owned by the GVS Group that enable to produce a compact and light filter capturing the pleated media with a soft TPE ring. High Efficiency Synthetic Particulate Air-filter is a technology that enables the patented "encapsulation" production process. The 7 layers combined filter media is using exclusively mechanical filtration technology, giving the filter guarantee that the efficiency stay above 99,97% during the usage. Those filters are also water-repellent thanks to the nature of those media.

Protection Against Nano Particulates

GVS Ellipse P100 particulate filters protect against nano particulates, and have been tested down to 40 nanometers (0.04 microns) still giving an efficiency of >99.97%. 

Hard Carry Case Option

Protect GVS Ellipse respirators with a hard carrying case that fits respirators with filters attached and zips shut.

Elipse Hard Carry Case


  1. Filter efficiency exceeds 99.97% for particulates > 0.3 microns.
  2. No valve to protect wearer and patient.
  3. Medical grade hypo-allergenic thermo plastic elastomere.
  4. Latex, silicone, and odor free.
  5. Reusable and replaceable filters.
  6. Possibility to disinfect mask and filters.
  7. Individually packaged.
  8. Adjustable straps with a 4-point harness.
  9. Easy communication.
  10. Made in Findlay, Ohio.


Protection properties

Effective against dust and fumes containing substances such as micro-organisms, marble, gypsum, titanium oxide, soapstone, rock wool, wood, detergents, textile fibers, spices, salt, feed, etc.

Protects against dust that can cause lung disease. In particular, protects against coal, silica, cotton, iron ore, graphite, kaolin, zinc, aluminum dusts. Protects against harmful dusts such as asbestos, bauxite, coal, silica, iron, and against toxic dusts such as manganese, lead and chromium.

Pleated, interchangeable P100 filters have a minimum efficiency of 99,97% at 0,3 microns and a breathing resistance of 3 mbar at a flow rate of 47,5 l/min for each filter.

Type of filter / class

HESPA™ (High Efficiency Synthetic Particulate Air Filter) + P100 R D > 99.97% (minimum efficiency). Available with activated carbon pad filter, P100 Nuisance Odor (R D), for removal of small concentration of organic vapors/odors and a higher comfort.


The materials used for masks and filters are hypo-allergenic, Odorless, medical grade and without latex or silicone.

Filters: - Activated carbon with ABS shell. Mechanical type HESPA™ Synthetic media
with TPE over mold / encapsulation (for combined filters with P100 protection).

Batch Reports

Full traceability of each batch against each material used.

On line testing

100% of filters are efficiency tested with NaCl to ensure the highest performance and quality.

Storage life

5 years, for mask and P100 Filters.

Ellipse Dust Mask Specifications


  1. Mask: 3.66" x 5.04 ‘’ x 4.33" (widest point)
  2. Filter: 0.47" x 3.7’’ x 1.97" (widest point)


  1. Mask + Filter: 4.65 oz.
  2. Mask body: 3.44 oz.
  3. Filter: 0.60 oz. each


  1. Mask: Medical grade TPE (Silicon free).
  2. Filters: Mechanical type HESPA™ Synthetic media with TPE over molded / encapsulated. Filters are water repellant and re-usable.


Filters can be used until fully clogged and / or the wearer feels uncomfortable or until the activated carbon is exhausted and the wearer can smell / taste the contaminant. The lifetime will depend on the concentration in the workplace and the activity level. The filtration level will stay constant all along the usage. All masks are supplied with an aluminum zip foil bag for storage to maximize the life expectancy of the activated carbon. The P100 element is designed for a longer lifetime with up to 5 times the amount of material usually put in other ranges.

Size Guide
gvs elipse masks sizes guide

GVS Elipse Training Video

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Scott Landsman
You in the jungle baby

Poor design in replacing the exhaust valve with a just a plastic disk. It generates 2/3 to 3/4 teaspoon of water from condensed exhaled vapor per hour. So if you're being covid cautious and pop into the grocery store for 20 minutes, fine. But I bought it for planes and had to switch to an N95 after a couple hours.