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Sku: 5 EA of TG710 XS

5 Pairs Cut Resistant Workglove Liners from Traffi Glove

The TG710 is a high performing cut level F uncoated liner for use in the food industry, to help prevent cuts to the knife hand. Utilizes ultrafine liner yarn technology to provide extremely good dexterity whilst maintaining the highest level of cut protection.

  1. Cut Level: ANSI A5.
  2. Ultrafine yarn technology providing superb dexterity.
  3. Certified to EN388:2016 after 50 washes (industrial launder only).
  4. Ambidextrous.
  5. Contains silver within the yarn for added permanent anti-microbial properties. 


These Traffi gloves are ideal for:

  1. Meat preparation.
  2. Butchery and deboning.
  3. Food packaging and processing.




Traffi - Your Carbon Neutral Hand Protection Partner

On a mission to reduce hand injuries, costs, waste and carbon emissions.

Traffi are the hand protection specialists and the industry-leading provider of cut resistant work gloves.

As the original inventors of the 3 color TraffiSystem, they continue to lead the way through their customer-centric approach and dedication to delivering ‘Best in Class‘ products.

Their passion and appetite in leading the way in sustainability remains their foundation for the future. They are here to share best practice and support our clients with tangible evidence of our sustainability story, as well as helping you to achieve your own corporate sustainability goals.

When you rely on industry experts who are renowned for reducing hand injuries and increasing wearer engagement, selecting the correct hand protection will no longer be a drawn-out process. Traffi is here to help.

Metron Proudly Offers a chance to Buy Traffi Carbon Neutral Work Gloves in America.

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