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Sku: 5 EA of TG5545 XS

5 Pairs Cut Resistant Impact Traffi Glove LXT Microdex Ultra Foam Nitrile

The new and improved TG5545 uses the same yarn technology as the popular TG6240, taking impact gloves to the next level by giving unrivalled levels of dexterity and comfort. As part of the LXT range, it is designed to do more, for longer.

The MicroDex Ultra coating and Life Extending Technology treatment makes the TG5545 perfect for high cut risk tasks in wet, dry and oily conditions. The added back of hand impact protection is perfect for heavy handling industries such as rail, infrastructure and oil and gas.

  1. Cut Level: ANSI A5.
  2. Impact protection for hand and fingers.
  3. High tenacity nylon liner – widely known for its tensile strength and cut resistance.
  4. Palm-dipped MicroDex Ultra coating for further longevity and abrasion resistance.
  5. Features a thumb crotch for additional protection and wear life.
  6. Hot contact resistance up to 100°C (conforms to EN 407).
  7. LXT Treatment for water, oil and dirt resistance and reduced staining.
  8. Dexterous, highly tactile, and breathable.
  9. Works well in wet, dry and oily conditions and when in momentary contact with hot surfaces/component.
  10. Carbon neutral.


These Traffi gloves are ideal for:

  1.  Automotive.
  2.  Construction and utility.
  3.  Engineering and manufacturing.
  4.  Oil and gas.
  5.  Rail.
  6.  Mechanical and electrical.
  7.  Waste, recycling and local authority.


Traffi glove liner material:

Polyester/Glass HPPE/Steel/Nylon/Elastane


SKU TG5545


Traffi Glove LXT Carbon Neutral Work Gloves

Carbon neutral Life Extending Technology gloves

Choosing a product from the LXT range from Traffi means that you are selecting a high-quality product that is certified carbon neutral. This means that this product range has zero negative impact on the environment, to the point of delivery. This helps to reduce your carbon footprint and when you come to measure your own business carbon footprint, we've already taken care of hand protection for you. 



Traffi - Your Carbon Neutral Hand Protection Partner

On a mission to reduce hand injuries, costs, waste and carbon emissions.

Traffi are the hand protection specialists and the industry-leading provider of cut resistant work gloves.

As the original inventors of the 3 color TraffiSystem, they continue to lead the way through their customer-centric approach and dedication to delivering ‘Best in Class‘ products.

Their passion and appetite in leading the way in sustainability remains their foundation for the future. They are here to share best practice and support our clients with tangible evidence of our sustainability story, as well as helping you to achieve your own corporate sustainability goals.

When you rely on industry experts who are renowned for reducing hand injuries and increasing wearer engagement, selecting the correct hand protection will no longer be a drawn-out process. Traffi is here to help.

Metron Proudly Offers a chance to Buy Traffi Carbon Neutral Work Gloves in America.

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