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Sku: 15 EA of N31000

Made in USA.

Segre N31000 Fully Adjustable N99 Respirators - Box of 15 Masks

Segre Mask N99

The Segre N31000 is a comfortable and durable N99 mask with adjustable nose clip and straps for a superior fit. Individually wrapped respirators packaged 15 per box (10 boxes per case).


  1. Filtration for particulates > 99%.
  2. Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) > 99.9%.
  3. Fluid resistant.
  4. Fold flat design is sleek and comfortable.
  5. Adjustable strap provides unrivalled adjustability.
  6. Padded nose support for increased comfort.
  7. Aluminum nose piece (MRI safe).
  8. No valve - protects you and those around you.
  9. Individually wrapped to avoid cross contamination.
  10. Latex free rubber elastics.
  11. ABS Plastic parts.
  12. Mechanical PTFE membrane filter.
  13. Electrostatic pre-filter. Electrostatic filter media layers in meltblown polypropylene with PET support.




GVS N99 NIOSH Certified TC-84A-9111

Conforms to US FDA GMP regulations 21 CFR Parts 210, 211 and 820.

There are 2 main classes of filtering facepieces - N95 & N99.

The Segre N31000 sits in one of the highest classifications for a mask - N99.

In order to achieve this classification, tests are performed on the mask to measure it's filtering efficiency and maximum level of inward leakage. The mask is also subjected to breathing resistance and skin compatibility tests. All Segre masks are NIOSH approved.

  1. Sanitize your hands before handling a mask.
  2. Always check the mask for defects before donning.
  3. Ensure you are clean shaven when wearing a mask.
  4. Adjust the straps evenly by twisting the elastic around the clips on both sides.
  5. Press the metal clip smoothly across the bridge of the nose to achieve a good fit, and to remove possible leaks.
  6. Pressure check the seal by pressing the mask to your face and exhaling - air should not escape anywhere around the mask.
  7. When doffing the mask, only use the straps and don't touch the body of the mask.

Difference Between N99 & N95 Respirators


Properly Don a Segre N99 Mask

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Phil Carter

N99 Respirators (Box of 15 Respirators) - Segre N31000, GVS Filter