Positive Pressure Respirator Accessories

Get more from supplied air and powered air purifying respirators.

Disposable tear-off lenses, in-helmet communications systems and sound suppression, helmet lights, comfort padding, supplied air filtration and monitoring, and other accessories designed to boost operator safety and productivity.


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  • Helmet Liners - Hygienic RPB Head Socks (PK 10 Socks)

    RPB® Head Socks provide a cool, comfortable fit and protection from overspray and dust. They can also be worn as a hygienic helmet liner. One size fits all. Pack of...
  • Skull Cap Helmet Liner with Sweat Band

    The RPB® Do Rag (aka dew rag, du rag) is made from soft, breathable cotton fabric, and features a sweat band to keep sweat out of the operator's eyes. Provides...
  • RPB L4 Blast Light - Helmet Light System for Nova 3 System

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. RPB L4 Blast Light Helmet Light for Nova 3 Manufactured with durable, long-lasting materials. Efficient, high powered LEDs producing up to 650 lumens of concentrated...
  • RPB Comfort-Link Side Padding System for T-Link, Z-Link Respirators

    Made in USA. Orders Over $200 Ship Free. RPB Parts Number 16-520-S The optional Comfort-Link system provides extra stability and comfort  for RPB®  T-Link and Z-Link Respirators. Made in USA. About RPB...
  • RPB Vision-Link - Helmet Light System for Z4, T-Link, Z-Link Respirators

    Made in USA. Ships Free. RPB Vision-Link Helmet Light System for T-Link, Z-Link, and Z4 Respirators On helmet Vision-Link Light accessory for the RPB Z4, T-Link, and Z-Link Air Supplied...
  • RPB Quiet-Link Hearing Protection Earmuffs for Z4, T-Link, Z-Link Respirators

    Made in USA. Orders Over $200 Ship Free. RPB Parts Number 18-533 In helmet Quiet-Link  hearing protection  system accessory for the RPB T-Link, and Z-Link Air Supplied Respirators. Made in...
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