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Battery Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR)

HEPA filtered respirable air for workers without a clean air supply source.

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  • RPB PX5 PAPR - Variable Speed Battery Powered Air Purifying Respirator - HEPA Filtered Breathing Air Supply

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. RPB PX5 PAPR The New Standard in Powered Air Purifying Respirators The RPB® PX5® is a battery powered air purifying respirator fan unit which draws...
    From $1,310.73
  • PAPR with Face Seal Hood or Shoulder Shroud - RPB T200 with PX5

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. RPB T200 Healthcare Respirators with PX5 PAPR Lightweight Face Seal and Uncovered Ears for Exceptional Comfort and Communication The RPB T200 is a lightweight multipurpose respirator...
    From $1,567.75
  • PAPR with Neck Seal Hood and Shoulder Shroud - RPB T-Link with PX5

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. T-Link - Lightweight Respirator Hood Tyvek® hood respirator designed to assist you in your work, moving with you wherever you turn. The Tyvek® cover is securely...
    From $1,691.58
  • PAPR with Helmet & FR or Tychem Shrouds - RPB Z-Link with PX5

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. Z-Link Respirator Helmet All-Purpose Industrial Respiratory Protection The Z-Link® System serves the widest spectrum of industries & applications in the field. It boasts a large visor that enables...
    From $1,941.08
  • PAPR with Welding Helmet & Shrouds - RPB Z-Link+ with PX5

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. Z-Link+ All Purpose Respirator Helmet with ADF Welding Visor The result of extensive user testing in demanding welding environments, welding professionals benefit from reduced downtime...
    From $2,550.29
  • PAPR with Welding Mask & Shrouds - RPB Z4 with PX5

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. Z4 - Welding/Metalworking Respirator Mask Welding/grinding respirator designed with a focus on comfort. Head harness & visor carefully developed for optimum weight distribution, resulting in the...
    From $1,867.51
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