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Sku: CO91-14LAC

Made in USA.

Portable Carbon Monoxide (CO/CO2) Monitors

Portable CO Monitoring Intermittent or Continuous Sampling

This portable airline monitor connects easily to a breathing air filtration source or ambient air pumps and monitors the air for CO or CO/O2 content, depending on the model. The audible alarm (95dbA) and light will activate when the CO level exceeds 10ppm (5ppm Canadian). External alarm and lights signal the user if there are dangerous CO or CO/O2 levels while allowing the unit to be used in the closed and upright position to eliminate damage and contamination of the internal components.


  1. Operates on 9-volt batteries, 8-16 VDC, and/or 115 VAC.
  2. Connector kit includes 1/4" Industrial Interchange coupling supplied on 5ft. hose.
  3. Standard alarm jack allows for connection to remote alarm devices.
  4. Standard version allows air pressures up to 150psi.
  5. Available in high pressure version up to 6000psi for fill compressors.
  6. Standard alarm (95 dBA). Optional high intensity alarm (120dBA) available.
  7. Available in CSA approved Intrinsically safe version, 9 VDC only.
  8. Select intrinsically safe for hazardous locations.



  1. Portable filter pots.
  2. Filtration systems.
  3. Ambient air pumps.
  4. Equipment Rentals.
  5. Retrofit old style portable compressors and filtration systems.


Air Systems

Air Systems International

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