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RPB Nova 2000 Fit & Save Tear-Off Lens System

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RPB Nova 2000 Tear-Off Lens System

Protect the main lens of RPB® Nova 2000 abrasive blasting helmet visor from chemical splash, spray drift, or dust and ensure the operator has fast access to clear vision without waste.



  • Protects Visor Lens

    Minimize maintenance costs by protecting the main lens.

  • Reduces Waste

    Each lens has a pre-folded tab that guarantees only one lens is removed at a time - even with heavy gloves on.

  • Enhances Productivity

    Up to 6 Inner Lenses can be inserted along with an Outer Lens into the helmet at one time for a full shift of uninterrupted blasting.


Made in USA.



    The Nova 3 is shown in this video. The concept is identical for the Nova 2000 lenses.

    About RPB


    About RPB®

    Made in America

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