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Sku: 3085845D5

V-Gard Supreme Liner, Flame-Resistant 2-piece

Flame resistant (FR) liner is made of special fibers that allow it to self-extinguish when exposed to flame or thermal ignition. Flame resistance cannot be removed by washing. Unlike many other winter liners in the market, ALL layers of fabric in V-Gard Supreme Liner are flame-resistant, affording FR protection throughout the life of the product. For this reason, only V-Gard Supreme Liner offers resistance to arc exposure.

  1. Fabric tested to withstand arc exposure to an ATPV of 8 cal/cm2.
  2. Water repellant.
  3. Inside neck pocket holds warming packet.
  4. Multi-layered flame-resistant top cap.
  5. Extended, zipper on/off high-bulk flame-resistant knit bottom.
  6. No metal parts.
  7. Sold in sets of 12.

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