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  • EA Lanyard - 6 ft. Single or Twin Leg, Flex Web, Select Connectors

    Made in Alabama. Various FLEX-NoPac Energy Absorbing Lanyards FLEX-NoPac® Energy Absorbing Lanyard 1-1/2 in. x 6 ft. nylon web Select connectors   Material: Nylon Polyester Webbing, Nylon Polyester Thread, Steel Hardware About...
    From $67.59
  • EA Cable Lanyard - 6 ft. Single or Twin Leg GAC, Zorber, Snap/Rebar Hooks

    Made in Alabama. Ships Free. 6 ft. Energy Absorbing Cable Lanyard 6 ft. long 1/4 in. vinyl coated galvanized aircraft cable (GAC). Zorber® shock absorber pack constructed of heat and abrasion...
    From $118.97
  • Fall Safety Kit - 3D (Back & Hips), 6' Twin Leg, Mating/Tongue Buckles, Rebar hooks

    Made in Alabama. Ships Free. Fall Safety Harnesses - 3 Steel D-Rings Sizes - 1 size fits small to XL 3 Connection Points - 3 D-Rings Buckles: Mating  buckles on chest, tongue buckles on...
  • Self Retracting Lanyards - 7 ft. Twin Leg Web, Aluminum SRD/SRL, Carabiner + Snap Hooks

    Made in Alabama. Ships Free. Self Retractable Lanyard - Twin Leg 7' Twin Leg Aluminum SRL Dyneema® Web Connectors: Steel, Carabiner, Snap Hook Standard: ANSI 359.14 Class A Device--fall arrest...
  • Self Retracting Lanyards - 6 ft. Twin Leg Web, Composite SRD/SRL, Select Connectors

    Made in Alabama. Ships Free. Twin Leg Retractable Lanyard 6 Foot Length Twin Leg Retractable Lanyard Lightweight Composite Housing UHMWPE Web Swivel Connection on Housing Class A--Fall Arrest Distance less...
    From $301.79
  • EA Lanyard - 6 ft. Twin Leg, 3 ft. Split Leg, Zorber Pack, Flex Web, Snap Hook + Rebar Hooks

    Made in Alabama. Ships Free. Energy Absorbing Lanyard - Twin Leg 1-1/2 in. x 6 ft. Nylon & Polyester Web Legs: Twin Connectors: Snap hook, Rebar Hook each leg Stretches 4.5...
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