Helmet and Mask Respirators for Welding

Loose fitting NIOSH, Z87+, and Z87W compliant respiratory protection.

Eliminate time consuming fit testing with comprehensive above-the-shoulders protection that seals out dangerous welding fumes like hexavalent chromium (hex chrome), creating a clean air breathing zone around the operator’s face. Flip-up or removeable ADF visors provide Z87W eye protection with exceptional optical clarity. Face shield under ADF on Z-Link and Z4 provide Z87+ impact protection for quick weld checks and grinding.

Respirator Rentals Available

Learn more about X1 Safety's Respirator Rental Program, or contact us at (833) 408-0500.

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  • Z-Link Plus Welding Respirator Helmet - PAPR or Supplied Air, Removable ADF, Face Seal or Cape, NIOSH Certified Protection for Welders - RPB Safety

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. Z-Link+ All Purpose Respirator Helmet with ADF Welding Visor The result of extensive user testing in demanding welding environments, welding professionals benefit from reduced downtime...
    From $1,140.54
  • Z4 Welding Respirator Mask - PAPR or Supplied Air, Flip Up ADF, Face Seal or Shoulder Cape, NIOSH Certified Protection for Welders - RPB Safety

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. Z4 - Welding/Metalworking Respirator Mask Welding/grinding respirator designed with a focus on comfort. Head harness & visor carefully developed for optimum weight distribution, resulting in the...
    From $552.74
  • Z3 Welding Respirator Mask - Supplied Air, ADF Lens, Face Seal, NIOSH Certified Protection for Welders - RPB Safety

    Made in Detroit. Ships Free. Z3 Welder - Welding Respirator Proven to deliver welding professionals with a comfortable working environment, the Z3 Welder exceeds the demands of the most quality-conscious companies,...
    From $826.31
  • PureFlo 3000 - Self-Contained PAPR with Welding ADF and Helmet Option - Gentex

    Ships Free. Headgear with Welding ADF & Integrated Powered Air Purifying Respirator Face Seal Lightweight, self-contained system provides APF 25 Respiratory, Z87+ Face/Eye and Optional Z89.1 Hard Hat Protections. The PureFlo® 3000...
    From $1,642.87
  • PureFlo ESM+ PF60 - Self-Contained PAPR Welding Helmet - Gentex

    Ships Free. Helmet with Integrated Powered Air Purifying Respirator with Welding Lens & FR Stedprene FR Neck Cape Lightweight, self-contained system provides APF 1000 Respiratory, Z89.1 Head, and Z87.1+ Face/Eye Protection. A self-contained head...
    From $2,025.19
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