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Blast Helmet with Shroud and PAPR or Supplied Air Device

Advanced Abrasive Blasting Respirator - Adjustable Fit, NIOSH Approved

With breakthrough protection technology and previously unseen advanced comfort and functionality features, the Nova 3® is designed to advance safety and productivity for operators putting` in full shifts under the helmet.

Operators claim the Nova 3® is the lightest and most comfortable heavy industry respirator they've ever used. It's unique design distributes the weight of the helmet evenly across your head and shoulders making it feel light and comfortable, giving you more energy to enjoy life's best moments.

The ratchet adjustable padding system provides a custom fit and the molded side pads absorb sound to protect your hearing. They sit comfortably against your head to ensure the helmet moves with you.

All parts are field replaceable to minimize downtime and the padding system is machine washable for hygiene purposes.

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Ideal For

No-Fit Test Respiratory Protection and Compliance

Great for Beards, New Guys, & Part-Timers

Finding time to shave in the morning shouldn't impact a blaster's long-term health. Forced air respirators surround the operator's head with a helmet or mask & face seal or shoulder shroud, keeping out dangerous blasting dust.

Productivity Boosting Comfort

Respirable breathing air is supplied from a clean air source like a compressed air tank or fixed line and can be cooled by up to 52°F (29°C) or warmed by up to 33°F (18°C) with the C40 Climate Control Device while keeping the visor free of fog.

Protection From Blasting Dust

Blasters work with a wide range of abrasive blasting media, many of which can have long term health effects due to exposure.

  1. Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD) from crushed coal media/residue
  2. Mesothelioma/Asbestos Abatement
  3. Isocyanates Abatement (Automotive, building insulation, coatings)
  4. Lead Dust (abrasive or abraded (eg. lead-based paint))
  5. Silicosis/Silica Abatement (Abrasive blasting media, construction, engineered surfaces counter tops)
  6. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Certifications & More...


The Nova 3 has been rigorously tested in both controlled & field-testing environments. Certifications include:

  1. NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health)
  2. ANSI Z87+ - High velocity impact for eye & face
  3. ANSI Z89.1 - Hard hat protection


Choosing an Air Flow Device

Select an airflow device above from the following options:

  1. C40 Climate Control Device - Boost productivity with  air cooled up to 52°F (29°C) or warmed up to 33°F (18°C)
  1. Available with standard or RPB Safety's exclusive RZ Fittings
  2. Cold Air Tube Assembly - Cool incoming air by up to 32°F (18°C)
  3. Flow Control Valve - Regulate the incoming airflow


Nova 3 with PX5 PAPR & Nylon Blast Cape Available. Lightweight battery powered unit supplies HEPA filtered air without restriction of attached air lines.


More Info

A ratchet adjustable neck pad ensures appropriate head support. The molded inner 'Clever Fit Padding' design (patent pending) helps absorb sound, protect hearing and is fully adjustable. It allows for unique customization to correctly fit all users and is easily removable and washable.

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